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The Innovation Race;

How to Change a Culture to Change the Game

If Innovation is a race:
Who wins, who loses, who gets eliminated?
How is it possible to stay ahead of the game?…
OR can we change the game?

By Andrew Grant & Dr Gaia Grant (PhD)

Economists estimate that up to 80 per cent of growth comes from new ideas and innovations. Yet what is innovation really about, and where is that growth taking us? Are we in danger of losing the purpose behind the process in the race to come up with ‘the next big thing’? And how can organisations and their leaders best channel growth in a positive direction?

The Innovation Race takes readers on a lively global adventure to explore the current state of innovation and to investigate why some countries, cultures and companies race ahead while others struggle. Along the way international bestselling authors Andrew and Gaia Grant explore fascinating innovation principles from different cultures to bring back to contemporary business. They undertake an engaging search for clues on how to design a more sustainable innovation culture for a more sustainable world through purpose-driven innovation.

The Grants outline how to navigate the key paradoxical challenges that can either frustrate or fuel innovation and provide concrete strategies for leaders to boost the innovation process to new levels. Readers will learn how to:

  • Identify the ‘sweet spot’ for innovation
  • Engage and motivate employees toward innovative action
  • Execute purpose-driven innovation strategies to transform their organisation
  • Implement a deep cultural shift
  • This thought-provoking book will make you reassess what you assumed you knew about innovation, and guide you to sustainable success.

“Read this book before it’s too late”
Margaret Heffernan,
Author, BBC TV producer, CEO & entrepreneur

“An engrossing journey that gathers insights from the fields
of economics, anthropology, ethics and psychology.”

 Peter Martin, Economics Editor, The Age

“Engaging insightful and very useful.”

Dr. Roger Firestien – Senior Faculty, International Center for Studies Buffalo State – State University of New York

“Reinforces the ‘why’ and the ‘how to’ in developing purposeful innovation. Highly recommended.”

Subhas DeGamia

Former CEO India and Executive Director International Banking, ANZ

who killed creativity book
who killed creativity 2

Who Killed Creativity?…

And How Can We Get It Back?        

7 essential strategies for making yourself, your team
& your organization more innovative.

Drawing on psychological theory, neuroscience and numerous anecdotes, the book examines how creativity can be encouraged within organizations via seven creative thinking strategies.

Your help is needed to crack an unsolved crime: creative thinking is critical for future fulfilment and survival, and yet it is now declining at an alarming rate. In this original ‘Whodunit/ CSI’-style approach, you will have the opportunity to match your knowledge against that of the latest brain researchers, psychologists and sociologists. As you are taken on a humorous and often startling journey through the murky world of murder and mayhem – interrogating the potential creativity killers and identifying their preferred weapons and haunts – you will discover why creativity is dying an untimely death. The ‘7 Rescue Strategies’ will then provide you with practical innovation solutions to solve any modern mystery, from personal issues through to team challenges and organizational imperatives –  even saving our civilization. Providing an up to 300% improvement in results, these strategies have been proven to work.

Authors Andrew and Gaia Grant have travelled the world for over 25 years to explore ‘Who Killed Creativity?…And How Can We Get It Back??’ This book includes stories from their experience working with over 20,000 international keynote and workshop participants in more than 30 countries at all levels, from kindergarten through to corporate CEOs.

Neuroscientist and specialist psychologist Dr Jason Gallate (PhD) provides fascinating insights into the latest discoveries about creative thinking and how it can be actively developed.

Buy “Who Killed Creativity?” book in your country: Google Search the ISBN-10: 1118232526 OR ISBN-13: 978-1118232521
Also available in Kindle, Audible, English, Mandarin, and Portuguese (Published by Wiley)

“Both the book and the “roadshow” are captivating.”

Nick Miller
South China Morning Post – Hong Kong

This book is a great read and draws upon interesting evidence.  The happy ending is up-beat and gives hope for our being able to do something to make a difference.

Sir Ronald Stones OBE –
Head of Education Practices, Richard Chandler Corporation – Former Director of Green School. Singapore

“Who Killed Creativity? and How Can We Get It back,” is a real eye opener”

Dr. William Wurtz (PhD) –
Two-term past president of the American Creativity Association. USA

I finished reading “Who Killed Creativity? and How Can We Get It back,” in one sitting! – the stories were so engaging; the research was so scientific; and the statistics were so astonishingly real.

David Tai (PhD)
IBM China

Purpose-driven Innovation Leadership for Sustainable Development

A Qualitative Case Study Approach

‘Purpose-driven Innovation Leadership for Sustainable Development’ provides fresh research insights and practical guidance on how leadership teams can understand and deal with the unique competing demands of purpose-driven innovation leadership – such as needing to innovate for both purpose and profit, and innovating at speed while also ensuring the development of sustainable systems and structures. Readers will benefit from considering the applications of the evidence-based principles and compelling case studies. The findings provide insights into the specific tensions leaders identify from competing ‘purpose-driven’ innovation demands.

 by Dr Gaia Grant 2024 Published by Routledge   ISBN 9781032730219 –

“Purpose Driven Innovation is an evidence-based informative and practical guide for anyone interested in exploring how to better lead for impact.”
Dr Marco Berti, Associate Professor Management and Organizations,
Nova School of Business & Economics, Lisbon

“A paradoxical challenge for leading for purpose bridging the common gap between in-depth qualitative research and practical actionable insights and applications.”
Professor Eric Knight,
Professor of Strategic Management at Macquarie Business School

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What it means to be an ambidextrous innovation leader. For sustainable development in a rapid change world



Creating agile leadership teams. How shared leadership models can better manage the ambiguities of innovation and growth



Leadership alignment. Dealing with competing demands through an integrated shared purpose


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Created by: Dr Gaia Grant (PhD)


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