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The Reality of Dynamic Teams –
Featuring On Thin ICE ™ gamified simulation

This On Thin ICE program consists of the following modules:


Introduction to On Thin ICE &  I.C.E. teams

Leading I.C.E. teams /  the I.C.E. strategy.


Expedition: Identify, Communicate, Evaluate

Gamified Activities: Transfer to Base Camp, Define the Boundary, Construct the Tent


Exploration: Alignment, Collaboration and Inclusive Communication

Gamified Activities: Communicate to HQ, The Winter Over Mystery, To the Core


Going Home: Applying the learnings to the workplace

Gaining Alignment, Mapping the past present & reaching future state, Leadership behaviors & actions, Goal Setting, Postcards

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ON THIN ICE ™ Program  (face to face)

On Thin ICE ™ is an intelligent team-building gamified simulation. All the fun & engagement of normal team-building, but with outcomes & a memorable theme. Perfect for something new at a conference. ON THIN ICE ™ is a unique, original program, exclusivity designed by TIRIAN.

On Thin ICE ™: (face-to-face classroom conference-based version),  is an exciting and factual simulated expedition to Antarctica in which teams are required to demonstrate leadership competencies. This program energizes, motivates, and challenges leadership teams as they complete a set of tasks along a journey using a unique ‘ICE’ communication leadership strategy. By the end of the program, individuals have had the chance to develop leadership skills and understand the often hidden dynamics of teams at play, learning how to build on strengths, create group alignment, manage conflict, move away from a silo mentality,  and work together more effectively – particularly through diversity and in virtual team contexts.

The optional extended On Thin ICE ™ strategic deep dive communication session provides the opportunity to seamlessly move from the experiential learning exercise to real life. Looks at real workplace issues and maps the communication patterns in the team/organization, and identifies for ways to improve communication channels to ensure greater efficiency, clarity, and quality of communication


  • Explore leadership team dynamics, alignment, and collaboration
  • Develop high-performance team potential
  • Work with virtual and cross-cultural teams
  • Identify team issues through sociographs and enable better communication
  • To understand the metacognition of a team. (how they perform and think they perform


“Fantastic! The experience & atmosphere you create bought relevance to our business, & the issues that we struggle with day-to-day.”
David Overall  | CEO | Downer EDi

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REC TIME: 2hrs-1 day

REC SIZE: 5-60

PLATFORMS: Keynote, Workshop, Team-Building, Bus Facilitation, Pre-Post online integration

An outdoor desert-themed team-building version of ON THIN ICE. Turnaround 

On Thin ICE Hollywood version

Ensure a full immersive kinaesthetic conference experience with our memorable Hollywood version