To the core of virtual teams:
The people factor


To the Core of Virtual Teams program consists of the following modules:


Understanding teams:

The I.C.E. strategy in action (Identify, Communicate, Evaluate)


To the Core of a high-performance team:

Gamified Activity: The Virtual Navigation Game.


Using the I.C.E. strategy to manage a team:

People, team dynamics, personalities, alignment, trust.


Going Home:

Applying the learnings to the workplace

communicate stripe

To the Core of Virtual Teams: Team Dynamics & The People.

Aligning Virtual Teams

  • Align your remote distributed work-from-home virtual team to communicate & collaborate better through an online team simulation, and in the process understand the role team dynamics plays, within the people on the team.

Gamified Simulation:

  • In The Virtual Navigation Game teams need to navigate virtually to find places on a world map and communicate with a degree of speed and accuracy in doing so and simulating the alignment challenges of a virtually distributed team.
  • The simulation is deliberately themed with memorable research from Antarctica, made relevant & applicable to a corporate work team.


  • Teams learn to communicate and manage the tension of both a time-sensitive project that also requires an agreed degree of accuracy.
  • Learn to see the big picture and manage team dynamics & personalities more effectively.
  • This session is based on an interactive gamified simulation(s) to recreate the dynamics of a complex team – looking at people dynamics. It then uses this experience to debrief the outcome in a safe environment and facilitate action planning. This experiential learning leads to great facilitated group discussion, reflection and application back in the workplace.


  • After the simulation, the experience is debriefed. The value of this debrief is that issues that arose in the simulation can be discussed in a safe environment and facilitate action planning and applications in the workplace.

REC TIME: 2-3 hours


REC SIZE: 5-15