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Living Our Brand


Program 3: LIVING THE BRAND (+ The Creative Appliance Project) consists of the following modules


Understanding our brand


Connecting the brand to the VMV


The Creative Appliance Project


Implications & Actions
Matching behaviors

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Living Our Brand includes a challenging ‘Apprentice’ ‘Shark Tank’ style program called The Creative Appliance Project (CAP).

In this session, teams are required to design and build a unique product that reflects the company’s brand, vision, mission and values (VMV) before giving a sales pitch to a judging panel. This process helps to facilitate team collaboration and encourages a consideration of the impact of organizational values on attitudes and behaviors. It is a lively and fun process that also assists with internalising and communicating shared values. CAP ultimately gives all stakeholders a chance to integrate their brand into their VMV’s, and match behaviors to use as a weapon of competitive advantage.

The Creative Appliance Project is recommended to:

  • Connect the core values of the organization with organizational image through personal engagement.
  • Create strategies for communicating the organizational core values and vision through its products and/or services
  • Demonstrate effective combined outcomes and team performance through positive role division and execution
  • Prepare and practice a pitch for a design thinking project end results
  • Energize a conference / team building event

REC TIME: 2-6 hours

REC SIZE:  10-80

PLATFORMS: Workshop | Team-Building | Bus Facilitation