About Tirian

Tirian specialises in organisation transformation through strategic innovation. Our interactive experiences help leaders & teams reflect on innovative & practical solutions around relevant business issues.


25+ years of international experience in more than 30 countries.


With specific areas of expertise and vast international experience.


Working with Fortune 500 clients to build competency & capability.


Focusing on organization transformation through innovation.


Highly dynamic, professionally facilitated interactive and engaging learning experiences.


Fully tested to ensure any time your leaders invest is of value and has actionable takeaways.


Behind our original content and engaging methods lies solid academic research.


Tirian services international clients with regional hubs, representative offices, licensed local partners, agents & hand-picked accredited associates & facilitators.

Tirian has been listed in the Asia Business Outlook Top 10 Leadership Development Companies! The finalists were selected by an expert panel focusing on organisations that leverage their experience in bringing innovative solutions to the market. The panel looked for transformational leadership approaches that represented leadership as ‘creativity in action’. Sustainability through reliable service was also an important selection criteria. We are proud to have our 25+ years of work in the Asia Pacific region recognised in this way.

The Big Idea (Tirian’s Pedagogy)

What makes Tirian programs so successful?

Tirian helps leaders and teams to reflect on and find real solutions to business needs. We offer a risk-free, high-impact audience engagement. Being the original designers of interactive learning experiences, we build innovative cultures, future-ready leaders, and high-performing teams.

We create positive intervening experiences through innovative simulations and engaging facilitation which break down barriers and provide unique leadership and team development opportunities and outcomes, building platforms for open discovery and exploration of important issues. We facilitate these experiences in a dynamic learner-centric environment. We do not focus on training, but rather guide relevant learning through active learning, gamification and simulations.

At the core of our programs is a methodology designed to involve the deliberate use of authentic experiences and facilitated reflection to create a lasting impact.

  • Our corporate experience ensures what we present is actionable
  • Our academic research provides original validated content
  • Our dedication to sound educational methods ensures the learning experiences are memorable & measurable
  • Our published books, papers, and client list support us as recognized international thought leaders
  • Our global experience ensures we are culturally fluent and contextually aware