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LICENSING: Partner with Us

Why partner with us?

We are the original designers of our programs. When you work with us, you are coming directly to the source. For scalability and local contextualization, we can offer for companies to deliver to their clients, and/or large companies to develop their own staff internally.

By using a licensing model, it allows for specific customization and contextualization of the content for the specific region and industry. The combination of an engaging, experiential learning program delivered by a localized, experienced industry or in-house facilitator can produce outstanding results.

Whilst our licensing focuses on providing unique content and how to use it,  we can also offer full support with presentation and facilitator skills, development and coaching (see our DESIGN topic suite) AND deep dives into the content for each specialty topic. We offer much more than straight content and skills-based training. We can educate facilitators on how to design in the deliberate use of authentic experiences and facilitated reflection to create a lasting impact. We can come to you for personalized in-person training (TTT) sessions, and/or run this virtually, with blended online self-paced learning supported by coaching and TTT accreditation courses. You can use our programs to deliver to your clients: Face-2-face, Virtual, Online, and /OR Hybrid.

Who is our licensing for?

Enterprise – corporate & organizations

Looking for in-house scalability

Independent locally-based L&D companies

Looking to expand their offerings in their region

Exec Ed & Consulting Companies

Looking to access tools, research & content for their clients

Full Train the Trainer, Accreditation, Coaching, Support, Logistics (online & in-person TTT)

Independent trainers & coaches & facilitators

Looking for coaching, tools and accreditation

Online course, assessment & feedback

Independent leaders

Looking for something simple to self-lead a discussion for their team.

Online course with team Collaborator Canvas.



“One of the best programs we’ve used, receiving great feedback.”

Sharon Padgett Learning & Development Manager


“SEAC (formerly APM) initially spent two years seeking the best provider of the technique and invested significantly in the programme.”  Arinya Talerngsri, CEO of SEAC Thailand – Thailand’s foremost training and consulting organization – spent years and considered over 200 international companies, searching for the best provider for experiential learning programs before deciding on Tirian. In the recent consolidation of partnerships, Tirian was one of the only partners kept along with Stanford, Blanchard and Arbinger.


“It is refreshing to see what Tirian has to offer. In the saturated field of training, they have carefully combined solid educational methods with researched academic content which results in an engaging experience. I know the partner we have in common is extremely selective and Tirian remains their trusted partner because of the value they deliver to companies and their employees.”

Joni Wickline | Vice President, International Growth


“Some of the most creative and innovative programs around.”

David  M.R. Covey | CEO, SMCOV  Former Co-Chief Operating Officer FranklinCovey  

LICENSING: Options (Tiers)

GOLD TIER:  Full Train the Trainer & Accreditation

  • With this tier, the partner can deliver the full intervention (workshop / conference experience /  gamified simulations / blended learning) along with all relevant collaterals, theming & research.  + everything from the blue & crimson tiers.
  • This tier is exclusively designed by Tirian for the purpose of reteaching.
  • For scalability and local contextualization, we can offer for companies to deliver to their clients, and/or large companies to develop their own staff internally.
  • By using this type of licensing model, it allows for specific customization and contextualization of the content for the specific region and industry.
  • This tier is the most comprehensive and hence higher investment option for licensing, designed for scalability and long-term results, and is looked after in person by a director.
  • Recommend for:
    • Independent locally-based learning and development / team-building companies
    • Large-scale enterprise & in-house delivery for organizations
    • Consulting companies
    • Executive Education Institutions.

Comprehensive Manual

Comprehensive Manual

Step-by-step sample sessions
Online support learning videos
Case studies
Leadership notes & Instructions
Full PPT slide deck
Online tools


Accreditation, Assessment & Coaching

Accreditation, Assessment & Coaching

A) Content & Flow
B) Pre-Planning and Project Planning
C) Presentation & Facilitation Skills: Content
D) Presentation Skills: Style
E) Managing Group Dynamics
F) Interpersonal Dynamics
G) The Facilitation Process
H) Classroom based & Digital Professionalism


Online TTT course

Online TTT course

Step-by-step self-paced courses, with sample sessions, videos, case studies, instructions and the PPT slide deck are all included.



The courses cumulate with the chance to design the program for a specific client, with coaching, feedback and assignments along the way.

BLUE TIER: Coaching & Accreditation

  • This tier is exclusively designed by Tirian for the purpose of diving deep into content & methods in order to be able to coach and facilitate individuals &/or small teams.
  • Become an accredited Future Ready Leadership coach, to help your team, your organization or your clients manage the tension disruption and change brings through understanding the value of ambidextrous leadership through the Innovative Change Leader (iCLi) Profile
  • Become an accredited coach to use the iCLi
  • Use the iCLi as part of your tool kits
  • Online courses with personalised coaching & feedback

CRIMSON TIER: Collaborative Canvases

  • Independent leaders and teams can now diagnose issues faster and collaborate better.
  • A Collaborator Canvas is a fillable real-time board template designed by Tirian, for leaders, coaches & facilitators who want to lead a small team to dialogue, diagnose, discover, identify, strategise and solve critical business challenges, guiding them toward strategic solutions with clear goals and action plans in a collaborative context.
  • These Core Elements courses are based on unique self-led Collaborator Canvases and Gamified Simulations. These resources are designed to create safe spaces for teams to discuss challenges and identify effective solution strategies to ensure tension drives sustainable innovation.
  • Recommended for an easily accessible,  quick, low-cost intervention for coaching and leading a small team discussion, with focused action planning and goal setting. (This is the simplest, fastest and most cost-effective option to independently use selected Tirian products.)
  • This tier is exclusively designed by Tirian for the purpose of leading dialogue with a small team. It is not suitable for commercial licensing beyond one-on-one and a small group.
  • The Collaborator Canvases have an additional option to be sent to a master trainer for analyses coaching and feedback to the leader (additional costs apply)
  • The online leader’s course:
    • Independent Leaders can self-enroll, self-learn, and self-pace, virtually through an online course. The online course teaches the leader how to administrate and run the session. (The Collaborator Canvas / (Miroboard) is what the leader gains access to and uses with their team.)
    • Only the leader needs to purchase/enroll in the online leaders course.
    • Full licensed partners: if using the Collaborator Canvas in the content of a licensed workshop, this is included in your TTT Accreditation contract.
  • Each Collaborator Canvas
    • addresses a specific business area and key topic. Core topic suites include: Creative & Design Thinking, Innovation Leadership, Communication / Collaboration in Teams, &  Organisational Narrative.
    • is a key tool / simulation / model extracted from a full Tirian module.
    • comes complete with onboard step-by-step instructions, (however, they do not contain the full content of a complete Tirian program  / workshop)

partner with us now …

We are the original designers of unique interactive learning experiences based on validated research, and our programs are delivered through a range of platforms including licensed partners, agents, executive education institutes, speaker’s bureaus and associates. This ensures we have both a global reach and local contextualization. Tirian services international clients with regional hubs, representative offices, licensed local partners, agents & hand-picked accredited associates. If you’d like to become a partner – contact us