Facilitator network

We have strategically placed accredited facilitators and coaches, each with their respective areas of expertise. Below are some of our team. (please also see our licensing partners, & accredited coaches pages). Many of our team are bi/tri-lingual, so whilst we mainly present in English, we can facilitate & support in several languages. (Our country licensing partners can present & support local languages 100%). We also have a some specialists associates who are directors in their own right and have co-designed programs with us.*. If you’d like to become an independent licensing partner, accredited coach &/or facilitator, contact us. If you’d like to learn about in-house training, contact us.

Agnes Durlik

Australia / Canada / Poland

Zoe Grayan

Singapore / USA
Singapore / NZ

April Hu

Singapore / USA / China
UK /(China / Hong Kong SAR)
Indonesia / Ireland
Indonesia / Germany

Carl Axelsson

Australia / Sweden

Ro Verdeja

USA / LATAM / Caribbean / Brazil

Robin Speculand (Bridges*)

Singapore / UK

Liv Gussing Burgess*