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Behind Successful Design


Design the ultimate learning experience:

With over 20 years of unique original creative design, we can share with a design team how to create engagement.

Engage us to help you design your next learning program: online, face-to-face or the educational learning side of a conference to ensure integrated design & flow.

Conference design, Emcee (& coaching):

A good Emcee can occupy the anchor role at a conference, once performed by personalities or comedians, but in a way that they do not attract the audience’s attention to themselves. Learn to summarize the previous presentation articulately, link it to the overall learning aims, revise delegate notes and pose insightful interview questions to the presenter. A great Emcee will enhance the ‘takeaway value’ of the presenters and reinforce the total conference learning experience.


Training: Don’t ask us about how to train – we don’t offer it!

Trainers refer to existing material or tell you stories about other people. Thus trainers must be good communicators and perhaps technical experts. Training is about developing a specific skill set, imparting knowledge. Training teaches people what or how to do something with little understanding as to why it is the case. (Education is about developing skills for ongoing learning and enquiry).