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Endorsement – General

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“Both the book and the ‘roadshow’ are captivating. They have a star quality and have worked on leadership and team development around the globe for many years. Their presentation still yields the bravado of youth, nicely seasoned with the wisdom of  recognized leaders in their fields. Young at heart, and ferociously clever with it.”

Nick Walker, Columnist | SOUTH CHINA MORNING POST, Full article

“You deliver important outcomes in local teams with fun and energy.”

Dr Kaschke | Chairman and CEO | CARL ZEISS

“Your knowledge, professionalism, and willingness to work with us were key to the success of these seminars.”

Doug Wieringa Global Strategic Initiatives | USA | BOEING

“Highly effective – all participants were highly engaged for the entire time. Transferred to the workplace, the skills discussed will improve the speed in which teams get started and increase the quality of their results.”

International Director of Training and Development | NEWMONT USA

“It’s meaningful and down to earth. You capture our DNA, and always know how to adapt the programs to involve us.  This is why we keep coming back. (20 years)”


“You really understood our situation and were particularly sensitive to our religious and cultural issues.”


“My reflections of what you deliver to companies like us is the combination of the theme, which was fantastic, the experience you have in your team, and the atmosphere you create in the room which is great fun. That all brings to us a relevance to our business with the issues that we struggle with day-to-day.”

David Overall | CEO | Australia | DOWNER EDI MINING, Video