Behind Successful Presentations


Presentation Skills

We’ve done over 10000 hours on stage presenting global keynotes, including TEDx, APEC CEO summit, YPO GLC and hundreds of international conferences. We can help you prepare for any important presentation and ensure you are engaging (small groups, or one-on-one private and confidential coaching).

Learning the art of making an impact in presentations through connecting with people and mastering these skills in focused presentation sessions with targeted individualized feedback.

Being able to present information and ideas effectively is a foundational life and work skill. And yet so many people panic at the thought of having to present in group situations. In fact, in the list of common phobias, the fear of public speaking is at the top as one of the greatest fears humans have. By learning to see a presentation as a more dynamic form of communication in which an individual is not merely presenting ideas and information but is simply relating with people in a conversational manner, the fear is taken out of presenting and the impact of the presentation is enhanced. Knowing your own personal communication style and how to maximize this in presentation situations ensures that individual styles are matched to specific contexts effectively. Through this process it becomes clear that it is possible to connect with groups and relate effectively for a more dynamic and enjoyable experience, and learning this skill is often transformational.


  • Analyze audience and environment to prepare for a presentation
  • Plan a presentation
  • Organize information and ideas to form clear and logical argument
  • Develop specific delivery skills in presenting
  • Deliver effective high impact presentations