Workshops, Webinars, Consulting & Coaching

Facilitation: Workshops & Webinars

Tirian’s facilitation approach ensures that outcomes of meetings are effectively achieved, and the individuals involved maintain both ownership of the process and the outcomes. With a professional Tirian facilitator, meetings can move much faster and with less stress. Constructive dialogue can replace debating, and individuals can be carefully guided through each stage of the process. Most importantly, our facilitators use a holistic approach that considers the human dynamics that are at play during a process.

Our facilitator will help the team understand how to find more efficient processes to improve effectiveness. This process will empower all people at all levels and encouraging them to contribute to the creative development process, ensuring that individuals will become inspired and equipped for positive transformation. In the process participants will discover that it is possible to go beyond incremental improvements and impact a whole culture. Teams will also become much more engaged and proficient when they are encouraged to work on these processes collaboratively.

Facilitators provide stimulus to encourage the group to discover the answers. Since reflection is the key to deeper learning that leads to more lasting change, anything that a “facilitator” does to enhance reflection before, during, or after an experience is called “facilitation.”


Facilitation: Consulting & Coaching


Explore: with a LITE, BASIC or ELEMENTS -Introductory understanding:
Message focused: Designed to change the way people feel

Examine: with a STANDARD, Core Learning:
Professional facilitation helps a group solve a problem by facilitating an effective process. The focus is on the EDUCATIONAL aspect of facilitation: Intended to change the way people feel and think

Extend: with an EXECUTIVE- Deep Dive
Executive facilitation focusses on the DEVELOPMENTAL aspect of facilitation: It helps the group solve a substantive program and learns to improve its process at the same time.

Extend: with BESPOKE Designed & Fully Integrated Intervention:
We can design a full end to end leadership ecosystem journey style program, that starts with outcomes, and results in an end solution.


WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE? We can offer the following methods of development: Facilitation, consultation, & coaching

  • The facilitator’s main aim is to help the group increase effectiveness by improving processes and structure.
  • Process: refers to how a group works together, talks to each other, identifies and solve problems, makes decisions and handles conflict.
  • Structure: refers to stable recurring group processes dynamics and roles.
  • Content: refers to what the group is working on. The facilitator does not need to be a content expert and should remain neutral. The facilitator’s role is to bring out the expertise in the group.
  • In a pure facilitation session, the facilitator should not be to seek to change people’s behaviour, but to provide feedback that enables people to decide whether to change their own behaviour, and should they decide, be the facilitator can help them learn how to change (and or add in a coaching element).
  • A consultant provides their expertise to the group
  • A coach seeks to change behaviour