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Online Courses


Independent self-paced online learning – stand-alone self-led online courses – for individuals, leaders, and teams.

Who are these courses for?

  • Participants from core-course groups: The sessions can complement any professionally facilitated core workshop (face-to-face or digital). They can be used by a company (group) OR a participant who has participated in a session and wants to independently upskill deeper in the topic.

  • Independent learners: For individuals wanting to upskill themselves.

  • Team leaders: To help independent leaders diagnose issues faster and collaborate in teams better, we have created Core Elements courses that are based around self-led ‘Collaborator Canvases’ and gamified simulations. These resources are designed to create safe spaces for teams to discuss challenges and come up with effective strategies to deal with them. For larger scale role-outs – licensing & online TTT accreditation courses are available.