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Self-led DIY:

Collaborative Team Canvas & Gamified Simulations


Online Collaborator Canvases & Gamified Simulations

Diagnose faster. Collaborate better. Independent leaders and teams can now diagnose issues faster and collaborate better. The Core Elements courses are based on unique self-led Collaborator Canvases and Gamified Simulations. The boards ensure a quick way to get conservations started, and fast solutions. The online boards/canvases come complete with instructions, videos, and steps. These resources are designed to create safe spaces for teams to discuss challenges and identify effective solution strategies. The canvases and simulations cover the following key topic suites:

  1. Creative Thinking Diagnostics: Who Killed Creativity? – Gamified Simulation
  2. Creative, Critical & Design Thinking Rescue Strategies & Tools – Team Collaborator Canvas
  3. Innovation Ambidextrous Leadership – Team Coaching Canvas
  4. Innovation Action Board
  5. Innovation Racing Line: Strategic Planning Canvas
  6. Innovation Race: (Destinations) Culture Mapping Collaborator Canvas
  7. The Reality of Virtual Teams: The Winter Over Mystery – Gamified Simulation
  8. Leading Virtual Diverse Teams: Navigating Challenges – Gamified Simulation

Who are these for?

  1. A professionally accredited facilitator as part of a full program (extensive content / case studies / debriefing)
  2. In-house TTT /  under license – for scalability.
  3. An independent leader with their team as a self-led session, and/or as a follow up after a full professionally run program (core elements)
    Perfect for team leaders & coaches who are looking to run a self-led independent session for their team.

Diagnose faster. Collaborate better




Diagnostic Creative Blocks Gameboard Simulation: Diagnose creative blocks faster
A non-competitive gamified diagnostic tool to explore blocks to creativity, and to identify the best rescue strategies. The simulation is deliberately themed as a crime scene investigation to allow for safe discussions of challenges through fictional characters. This session can focus on improving creative thinking for individuals and teams and/or for building a more creative organisational culture. CSI1




Creative Solutions Collaborator Canvas: Come up with better ideas faster

An interactive collaborative canvas that introduces a foundational creative and critical thinking model and related tools to help a team to come up with better ideas faster. Incorporates the Strategies for Innovative Development (SID) one-page solutions template, and a number of popular Design Thinking tools. CSI2




Ambidextrous Future-Ready Leadership Collaborator Canvas:  Coach team tensions more effectively
A coaching canvas for a coach to use with a team to provide feedback on innovative leadership capabilities, gaps and development opportunities. An ideal way to explore the concepts of Ambidextrous Leadership, this session can assist with addressing the tensions facing teams that need to innovate and face change. A great way to debrief the Innovation Climate Leadership Inventory (iCLi) profile results and utilizing the strengths of a diverse team.




Diagnostic Team Performance Simulations: Diagnose collaboration blocks faster / Align communication better. These team performance simulations are deliberately themed with memorable research from Antarctica, and the insights gained are applied to real work contexts. The debriefing strategies focus on how to tighten team communication and collaboration processes for more effective collaborative problem solving.

1) The Winter Over Mystery Game is a gamified exercise designed to test a diverse team’s ability to communicate virtually – and in the process, to learn to share and sort through critical information in order to effectively problem solve as a team.
2) Beneath the ICE is a deep dive canvas that uses a sociography process to map a team’s communication and collaboration strategies to identify how to improve.

CREATE: Diagnostic Creative Blocks Gameboard Simulation:

micro board

USAGE: This gamified simulation is based on the book and full workshop “Who Killed Creativity? and how to get it back”. It is a quick way for any leader and their team (max-7) to discuss, diagnose and explore blocks to creativity, and then identify the best rescue strategies. This is recommended to do before embarking on any design thinking session. Engage a professional facilitator to use the boardgame canvas as part of a full program, OR run a self-led independent session (or as a follow-up after the full program) with just the boardgame canvas. – The online Core Elements Collaborative Team Canvas comes complete with instructions, videos and steps.

CREATE: Creative Solutions Collaborator Canvas with Design Thinking Tools

micro board

USAGE: This board/canvas is used as a design thinking template. It comes complete with instructions, videos, steps & extra design thinking tools, for any leader to run the core elements of the program independently OR engage a professional facilitator to run a complete (content-rich) workshop.

INNOVATE: Ambidextrous Leadership Collaborative Coaching Canvas

micro board

USAGES: This board is designed to capture the teams iLCi graphs, and follow-up with an action plan for a specific team to ensure team tension moves towards sustainable innovation. Can be used during a small Workshop, Team Coaching*, or for Self led teams*.

REQUIRES: Prior knowledge of the iCLi & DPoP models. Available for: Coaches and Independent Leaders.

INNOVATE: Innovation Action Board

USAGES: The Innovation Action board is designed to capture all the learnings, data and action plans used by a team at the end of a session and in the following contexts: Workshop, Keynote, Team Coaching*, Self led teams*. + For any leader to run independently* a follow up from the core elements of the program, OR as part of a full workshop engagement with a professional facilitator, or accredited coach.

REQUIRES: Prior knowledge of the iCLi & DPoP models. Available for Licenced Partners Only.

INNOVATE: The Innovation Racing Line: Strategic Planning Canvas

USAGES: The Innovation Racing Line Strategic Planning Canvas uses the uniquely developed Dynamic Polar Positioning tool (DPoP) to ensure leaders and teams can build the best strategy through planning the most effective route. Teams learn how to map out a sustainable path, breaking the strategy down into distinct sections (including anticipating the challenging curves), and identifying the best ‘racing line’ and crew to navigate the chosen path successfully.  Can be used during a Workshop, Team Coaching*, or for Self led teams*.

REQUIRES: Prior knowledge of the Dynamic Polar Positioning (DPoP) model. Available for Coaches and Independent Leaders

INNOVATE:  The Innovation Race: Destinations Simulation  & Culture Mapping – Collaborators Canvas

USAGES: This board is an immersive simulation designed to help teams explore the organization’s strategic positioning. Using the Dynamic Polar Positioning (DPoP) model, this simulation identifies current and desired states to look at the big picture and map the organization capabilities and gaps. The end output is to establish a strategic sustainable innovative path with implementable action plans. The simulation has a memorable, engaging global challenge theme, where participants are required to visit different regions around the world to explore and map case studies of innovative cultures, countries & companies (best practices). Can be used during a Workshop, Team Coaching*, or for Self led teams*.

REQUIRES: Prior knowledge of the  DPoP model. Available for Licenced Partners Only.

COMMUNICATE: On Thin ICE -The Reality of  Virtual Teams

micro board


THE WINTER OVER MYSTERY GAME (ICE2) is a gamified exercise to test a team’s ability to communicate virtually, and in the process- learn to share & sort critical information in order to effectively problem solve. Available to purchase as an independent, stand-alone exercise, or as part of the ON THIN ICE program.

BENEATH THE ICE is a deep dive canvas (ICE4)  uses sociographs to successfully map a team’s communication patterns. Best used after a team completes one of the ON THIN ICE modules.

How to use & purchase Tirian’s collaborative boards/canvases


  • The Collaborative Canvases, gamified simulation boards, and other tools can be purchased independently. They are also used by accredited coaches, facilitators & licensing partners integrated into a full workshop &/or coaching session.
  • Independent purchase: The boards/canvases are the core elements section (mini version of a full workshop). A leader can purchase a board/canvas and use it with their team. They come with complete step-by-step instructions and videos. Some boards/canvases require some prior knowledge of the models /concepts (generally gained from participating in a workshop, course, book, or general knowledge of the topic).


  • The leader buys the canvas /board, by going to https://courses.tirian.com/collections?category=collaborative-canvas-gameboards
  • Only the team leader needs to purchase the course online.   The team leader follows the course flow,  logistics info & instructions to coordinate with their team. Tirian will send a unique ULR to the actual boards/canvases.  The team leader then invites the rest of their team by way of the unique URL (browser-based) to join the digital boards/canvases. Some prior knowledge of how to use the tools, (Miroboard, Padlet etc) will be necessary for the leader/team. OR they can be printed and used physically.


  • Recommended time: 1-3 hours, Numbers: 1-7, Cost US$300.
  • A) Single use: Some boards/canvases are purchased as a one-off license per board. This means the purchaser would need to re buy a new board/canvas for each new team. (Check conditions for each board.)
  • B) Subscription: Some boards/canvases can be bought once and reused multiple times by the same leader, coach / per year. This would require PDF’ing the current used board, and then wiping clean the workings to start again. (Check conditions for each board.)
  • Pre and post-courses + accreditation courses & licensing (full workshop) are also available.