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Face-to-Face live sessions

Nothing beats direct face-to-face interaction to ensure an engaging session that allows a facilitator or keynote speaker to ensure direct learning takes place.

  • Engaging interaction and dialogue allow us to take a group to go way beyond just one-way learning, and into the realms of self discovery and exploration.

  • Successful formats include workshops, gamified simulations, intelligent team building & interactive keynote presentations, through to business strategic planning, business facilitation, research, and coaching.

  • The experience to adapt approaches and styles from intimate and personal small group C-level leaders, through to large team building events and motivational conference keynote talks. We know how to design to a specific timeframe and audience so as to ensure the intended outcomes are met.

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Intimate C-level Business Facilitation

Innovative Strategic Planning

(Borouge – Bangkok)

Team Building (Schneider Electric- Moscow)

Intelligent Team Building

On Thin Ice

(Schneider Electric- Moscow)

Gamified Workgroups (YPO- Madrid)

Gamified Simulations

Creative & Critical Thinking

(YPO- Madrid)

Researched Based Keynote (Gartner- Sydney)

Research Based Keynote

The Paradox of Ambidextrous Leaders

(Gartner- Sydney)

Integrated workshop with gamification (UAE Prime Ministers office-Dubai)

Strategic Leadership

Future Ready Leadership

(UAE Prime Ministers Office -Dubai)

Strategic Planning with Design Thinking

Coaching, Feeback & Facilitation

to prepare teams for a pitch back