Scoping, consulting, design & delivery process

solutions customization

Benefits of a TIRIAN designed program

Tirian designs and facilitates targeted programs based on specific outcomes according to any briefing we are given.

  • Curated Design – we will make sure we fit the session to the outcomes.

  • Enhanced sense of ownership – participants buy-in and commit to change

  • Learning moments that stick – memorable integrated experiential learning

  • Applied learning to real work contexts – action/reflection/solutions

End-to-end solution options:

Can include Diagnosis, Design, Development, Customization. This involves understanding the client business strategies; determining desired outcomes; linking learning to needs and desired outcomes; developing content & delivery methods to reach outcome; preparing the best teams & resources; gap analysis; stakeholder briefing.

Includes the introduction to the topic and the experience-based learning approach. With targeted learning, the desired outcomes are reached, creating opportunities for reflection, in-depth business insights, implications and applications.

Can include follow up to personal and organizational action plan, with goal setting, blended learning, stakeholder feedback, business facilitation, and coaching.