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Conferences and Events

We deliver highly original and well-integrated conference experiences.

For over 20 years we have designed original and integrated conference content for events around the globe, offering professional designed interventions with an educational learning focus. From and small intimate executive offsites such as for CEO teams of under 10 to large events for up to 4000, we understand what it takes to reach a wide range of audiences. We can design the best learning experience to suit your group regardless of the size and makeup: from standalone contributions to full integrated learning journeys. We are not event organisers or managers, but we work closely with logistics organisers and other stakeholders to ensure a successful conference and outstanding results.

We can enhance traditional events in the following ways:

  • Keynotes: bringing presentations alive as respected thought leaders with interaction and audience engagement
  • Team building: going beyond just fun activities for powerful self-discovery and maximised team outcomes
  • Breakouts and workshops: professionally facilitated deep dive sessions
  • Panels: professional interaction with scenarios, hypotheticals, and audience participation
  • Informal coffee rooms: the best conversations often happen in the more informal times – we provide the space and support for participants to discuss & reflect on the ‘ah-ha’ moments they’ve had.

We want to ensure everyone gets the very best out of a conference, so the whole event is greater than the sum of the parts.

Below are some samples of powerful design that integrates the various elements of a conference, ensuring the educational approach is maximised. By taking the participants through a full integrated experience, a well-designed conference can ensure that 1+1+1 = much more than 3!

  1. Kick off the event with a keynote introduction to the core theme to motivate and provide valuable context and content.
  2. Engage participants a fun and immersive learning experience – such as a simulation, gamified activity, experiential learning exercise or team building program.  In the context of the introductory ‘keynote’, the activity-based session comes alive and contributes to the learning journey.
  3. Follow up with an integrated debrief to reflect on the research from the keynote and the dynamics and learning from the engagement exercise – which sets up a discussion to assist with the shift from discovery to parallel practical applications.

Preparing for an integrated event with AMP Chartered. Included are photos of a C-level pre-strategic plan and executive team workshop, which culminated in a keynote talk to 600 of their high achievers (Dubai).


We designed & delivered a series of interactive keynote talks for Salesforce ANZ Roadshow (ANZ).


Dr Gaia Grant on a panel after delivering a keynote about her research on future-solutions thinking at the Integrity 20 event (Brisbane).


Delivering an interactive session (a hybrid blend of a keynote & gamified simulation)  at the CEO Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts global conference (Toronto).

“The program for our Investment Professionals was not only entertaining and informative, but also highly relevant to our group. We appreciate the time you took us before and after the program and appreciate your personal touch and passion for what you do.” HK | GOLDMAN SACHS


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