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Executive Retreats

The power of well-facilitated intimate executive retreats

The best learning takes place in the right environment – when there is the opportunity to focus and the space for honest dialogue. Well-facilitated executive retreats provide the perfect opportunity to strategically think, plan, and align.

We can design the full learning journey for a retreat or can contribute to a particular area as required. Our tailored interventions can include team facilitation, business facilitation, diagnostics and assessments, strategic planning and goal setting, leadership development, team building and coaching, all specifically focused on senior leaders and executives.

Examples of offsite retreats we have designed and delivered to demonstrate the value of these executive retreats are included below.

Automobile Industry

The Australian executive team of an automotive company took a few days away to decide how to brand a new car to bring to the market, ensuring the approach was connected to the company vision, mission, and values. The end result was a 177% growth in sales over the next year. With another client from the automobile industry – a prestige luxury brand – the country CEO and executive team went offsite in China to look at long term strategic planning, ensuring they were aligning the team for a future-ready approach for the market.

Finance Sector

Financial institutions, banks, and stock traders often travel for retreats to ensure that their sales, trader and analyst teams collaborate better by addressing silos. We have also been engaged in the wealth management area to run retreats for their exclusive top clientele, particularly helping family companies to resolve the tensions they experience as they transition to the younger generation.

Hospitality Industry

We have run offsite execute retreats for the executive teams of a number of award-winning hotels & luxury resorts to ensure alignment within the often multicultural diverse teams, to identify how to maintain brand integrity, and plan for the future.

YPO / WPO Forum Retreats

We have worked with a number of small forum groups of CEOs for the ‘Young President’s Organisation / World Presidents Organisation’, helping them to take time out to look at pressing issues that need to be discussed in confidence.

FCMG industry:

Among a number of retreats in this sector, the CEO, Founder, and Shareholders of one company spent the weekend in a private villa, to discuss strategic thinking, creative ideas, and innovation – which resulted in fast-tracking the company sale process. End result was the company being sold to a global conglomerate.

Insurance Sector

The country CEO and executive team of a major insurance company used an offsite to rework their vision mission values and focus on strategic planning for the next 5 years.

The Tirian team have run executive events in a number of unique locations including:  Resort islands such as Bali, Phuket, Bintan & Langkawi; Exotic remote destinations such as Marrakesh, Bhutan & Nepal; Desert settings such as Dubai & Oman; and big cities such as Bangkok, Singapore, San Francisco, Prague, Sydney, London, Vevey, Madrid & Mexico City.


Preparing to facilitate a small international CEO group at an executive retreat offsite on Future Thinking and Strategic Planning offsite (St Regis Hotel Bangkok)


Getting away from it with a global luxury brand all at a private villa to ensure a distraction-free focused event (Aman Resorts Bali)

“We got the results we were looking for”
Joachim Wessling | Country CEO | ALLIANZ


“You successfully helped our team understand our company promise of ‘intuitive personal service’ and then worked with us to agree on ways to develop this in delivery terms.”
Simon Casson | GM Qatar & Operations President EMEA | FOUR SEASONS HOTELS & RESORTS


“An astounding 10/10 evaluation score for the offsite, seeing 177% growth in the following year.”
Director of Sales | MG / SAIC Motors.


“Everyone is much more cooperative, is displaying fantastic teamwork, commitment and understanding”
Project Leader | DEUTSCHE BANK



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