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Beneath the ICE:
Deep dive

The Beneath the ICE program consists of the following modules:


Deep Dive Implications:

Mapping our team, using ICE Sociographs.


Alignment, Communication and Relationships

Action planning


Going Home:

Applying the learnings to the workplace

communicate stripe

Extend Deep Dive Sociographs:

Learn to lead matrix structured teams effectively.

The cross-functional nature of business now means that leaders often need to achieve results through a matrix pattern (including many unclear dotted lines), and whilst in the context of a diverse team. This session looks at a real workplace issue and maps the communication patterns in the team/organization, and finds ways to improve communication channels to ensure greater efficiency, clarity, and quality of communication. By diving deep into leadership & team dynamics, it will be possible to remove silos and help teams become better aligned. Seamlessly move from experiential learning activities to real-life applications. 

At the core of this session, participants will learn to use a sociograph to explore actual communication patterns within a team.

  • Identifying the key roles
  • Drawing ‘current & desired state’ of communication paths
  • Listing the gaps between the ‘current’ and ‘desired’ state and how to improve them

The sociograph created during this session is designed to deal with the issues of managing the challenges of operating in matrix organizations with competing priorities, alignment, and high levels of connections, whilst acknowledging that official reporting lines are not always the reality.

Questions to be discussed with strategic outcomes include

  • Who are the key people in the communication process?
  • What are the areas of strength? Why are these strengths?
  • Where are the areas of weakness? Why are these weaknesses?
  • What cracks are there – outside pressures that can exacerbate the communication challenges? What can you do to strengthen these?

REC TIME: 2-3 hours

REC SIZE: 5-15

PLATFORMS: Workshop, Vitural, Bus Facilitation