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Innovative Change Leadership

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This ‘Innovative Change Leadership’ program consists of the following modules:


The Future of
the Innovation Race:

Who will win, lose and be eliminated?


Are you an innovative
change leader?

Interactive diagnostic session with gamified simulation experience.


The Innovation Racing Line

Strategic planning to deal with competing innovation demands 

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KEYWORDS: Disruptive Innovation, Explore/Preserve, Ambidextrous Leadership, The Future of Innovation

1:  The Future of the Innovation Race: Who will win, lose and be eliminated?

An Introduction to The Paradox Theory of Innovation

Companies like Google may appear to be leading in ‘The Innovation Race’, but do they have all the solutions, and can they be simply copied? Our research has revealed that most companies today only have half the story right, and that a new perspective and model is needed to overcome the challenges. This presentation identifies core sustainable innovation strategies for surviving and thriving in ‘The Innovation Race’. It reveals that by simply changing perspective, new ideas can be better supported through to implementation. The fast-paced global adventure introduces and reveals how different cultures and companies (and even countries) around the world have effectively managed the key Exploration/Preservation innovation paradox.


2: Are you an Innovative Change Leader? Becoming an Ambidextrous Future-Ready Leader

How can leaders deal with the complexities and challenges of constant change? Discover how to lead and manage for innovation through successfully navigating the 4 key innovation paradoxes. Practical strategies and the ‘polar positioning’ tools are introduced to show how to navigate these paradoxical tensions successfully.

This session introduces a fascinating validated assessment and  interactive exercises to help explore your unique Innovation Change Leadership profile (iCLi). In this session you learn how to manage the dynamic tension between the need for exploration and preservation, to demonstrate how to lead teams so they are propelled forward rather than ripped apart. You are shown how to become an ambidextrous innovation leader. The introduction of the iLCi graphs (assessment tool)  will help leaders see there is value on any position in the poles and indeed discover its only the combination of the diversity that allows sustainable growth.  Rather than default their own personality bias, leaders can learn to become more empathetic and respectful on projects and with clients.

Drawing from our research with thousands of survey responses, multiple interviews with heads of innovation and a deep dive immersion into one organization over two years – along with fascinating case studies from our consulting work with organizations over 30 years – the session reveals how successful leaders can fuel sustainable development. (Academic Version with White Paper also available).


3. The Innovation Racing Line: Strategic planning to deal with competing innovation demands

Preparation for innovation requires strategic project planning and implementation. This means getting from a start point to the finish line in the most efficient and effective way possible. To do this requires an ability to read and navigate a path that will enable maximum speed, but also to anticipate and mitigate risks.

‘The Innovation Racing Line Strategic Planning Canvas’ uses the uniquely developed Dynamic Polar Positioning tool and the Innovative Change Leader (iCLi) assessment to ensure leaders and teams can build the best strategy through planning the most effective routes. Teams learn how to map out a sustainable path, breaking the strategy down into distinct sections (including anticipating the challenging curves), and identifying the best ‘racing line’ to navigate the chosen path successfully.

By understanding the tension of the ‘Paradoxical Innovation Orientations’, and ambidextrous approaches to leadership, these models and tools can help leaders learn to communicate more effectively & set an effective strategy/road map.

The Innovation Action Board

The Innovation Racing Line Strategic Planning Canvas