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Experience – NGOs & NFP

How Tirian uses their corporate & educational experience for Corporate Social Responsibility & supporting NGOs and the NFP sectors.

We like to draw on our experience in education and organization development to support the not-for-profit sector and give back to communities. Working with NGOs, governments and corporations across so many cultures also gives us a unique perspective on topics. For over 3 decades now, we have researched, designed and delivered long-term innovation culture solutions for a number of not-for-profit organizations, including directing a one-year project working on innovative solutions for a government project that supports impoverished farmers with improving agriculture techniques in Indonesia, coordinating strategies for refugee organizations to overcome challenges internationally, and producing a health curriculum for more than 25 million teachers and students in India.

World Cafe Strategic Faciliation session.

Global Buildings Performance Network (GBPN) is a not-for-profit organization that works with governments and industry developing innovative building policy reform programs in key regions around the world that aim to tackle the climate emergency. In this World Cafe Business Facilitation session, we assisted GBPN with the goal to plan for future strategies to decarbonize the buildings sector and advance sustainable development through policy implementation.

“A big thanks for all the prep work prior to the workshop and the delivery on the day. We really achieved what we set out to do, left with solid outcomes, and each person left with many takeaways. Thank you for your calm and detailed manner throughout it all, you guided us perfectly through the day”.

Christina O'Hagan / Head of Operations at Global Buildings Performance Network (GBPN)

You were meticulous in planning and industrious in carrying the plans through. You planned highly innovative sessions, design, and your enthusiasm was infectious and appreciated by all concerned. The end result is that 25 million children will benefit from this project.


“This was one of the most profound programs we could have ever taken our team on”  (The Glass Ceiling CSR simulation)

Dr Adrian Eberle / DKSH.


Andrew and Gaia originally started with consulting in the not-for-profit sector, and during that time, they helped local teams to develop a health education program in India designed to reach 25 million impoverished children, design and deliver a drug education program in the golden triangle with tribal groups on the border of Burma; provide education support for refugees camps in Indonesia; develop online learning support programs on youth policy for the Commonwealth countries, and; empower children in an orphanage in war-torn El Salvador. Gaia has also more recently worked on an extensive two-year project developed by the Australian and Indonesian governments to find innovative agricultural solutions for struggling rural communities. They have lived and worked internationally over this time, including working with Educational institutions (schools and universities) in Bhutan, the USA, Europe, The Philippines and India to develop innovative programs.

Some of our NGO experience has included the following organization and places:
  • Indian Department of Health (India, Thailand and Nagaland)
  • Baptist World Aid (Australia & India)
  • El Salvador orphanages (Central America)
  • Central Philippines University (Lecturers in Education)
  • Chil-Out (Australia)
  • GBPN (Global Buildings Performance Network)
  • Support an Orphan (Philippines, Thailand)
  • Karen Tribal Education (Thailand)
  • Sumba Foundation (Indonesia)
  • Minardo Foundation (Indonesia)
  • ROLE Foundation (Indonesia)
  • World Bank
  • AIR Prisma (Indonesia)|
  • GTZ, (Indonesia)
  • ASRC (Australia)
  • Vinnies (Australia)
  • JRS (Australia)
  • Indian Total Schools health program (India)

Zoe Grant

Zoe has worked at the St Vincent de Paul Society, Settlement Services International and Jesuit Refugee Service Australia. Her experience includes working in direct client support with those from refugee backgrounds, running educational programs at schools and to community groups on a wide range of social justice issues and meeting with Members of Parliament advocating for policy change. (Behavioral Science, majoring in Applied Psych)

From the ashes: The Resilience of Mexico’s Neza Rubbish Dump Dwellers: Why the Mexico rubbish dump dwellers of Neza might just save the planet.
(This video was shot and made in 1991, and inspired the chapter on Resilience and Optimism for our book “Who Killed Creativity?”- Chapter 9)
The Glass Ceiling Simulation & Corporate Social Responsibility Learning
Whilst many of us clammer to get to the top in business, what must it be like to run a business at the bottom? This program will challenge your business skills, your leadership, your team and the way you see life to the max, and at the same time help you understand the challenges of poverty and how everyone is affected.