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Learning Playlist Feature Podcast Package  (Audio Journey with Leaders Guide)

This new concept of online learning / offline interactions is purposely designed to be an amazing conversation starter. For leaders & individuals who want learn to thrive by understanding the power of creative & critical thinking skills, in their lives and in the workplace.

Explore in this presentation: THE TALE, THE TRAPS, THE WISDOM, & THE APPLICATIONS.

The package includes an

  • online learning 90 min narrated audio story, & integrated podcast style authors interviews
  • offline interactions comprehensive Leaders Journey Guide, & group participants Sharing Guide (booklets).

STEP 1: YOUR PLAYLIST: Listen to your learning playlist. Learn from the best. Screen-free. Effortless. Epiphanies guaranteed.

STEP 2: YOUR GUIDES: Download your journey and sharing guides. Wrap it up with your certificate of achievement.

STEP 3: YOUR WORLD: Use our conversation starters to quickly spark interaction with your team, family, and friends.