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Feature Andrew Grant &/or Dr Gaia Grant in your next Podcast, Panel or Keynote Interview

The Grants have been featured in: Harvard Business Review TV, Fast Company, Wall St Journal, Huff Post &  CCCT  see https://tirian.com/in-the-media/

Andrew & Gaia Grant head into an “Uncomfortable Conversations” Podcast with ABC journalist Josh Szeps.
safe space for dangerous ideas.’

Josh Szeps has a track record for provoking bold and controversial ideas through challenging interviews. In his podcast series he has interviewed internationally renowned thought leaders such as: Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, Scott Adams, and Jon Ronson – and he has even challenged Joe Rogan on Joe’s own podcast.

In this podcast interview, Josh ventures with Andrew and Gaia into their research on future innovation and leadership trends, along with discussing feature material from their book “The Innovation Race”. They explore together topics such as: which companies, countries and cultures are innovating the best; how to achieve sustainable innovation; the need for ambidextrous leadership; and how to attract the creative class – amongst many others.

A range of relevant business areas from Meta to Musk, Google to green sustainability, and AI to CQ are covered. The Grants challenge current thinking in a number of areas, including how to create a culture that supports innovation, what future leaders need for paradoxical thinking, and whether creative thinkers and innovators will be of value in an AI world.

Feature Podcast Interviews

Uncomfortable Conversations

“Who Killed Creativity / Who will win the Innovation Race? with Josh Szeps

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