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Mission Possible Workshop

MP 200

Program 1: MISSION POSSIBLE consists of the following modules


Why we need an Organizational Narrative







Implications, Actions & Behaviours

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As information becomes a commodity and today’s excellence becomes tomorrow’s norm, companies will have to understand the power of “story” in their organization. Good generic customer service is no longer enough to distinguish a business. In order to deliver consistent experiences throughout the organization, every individual will need to understand their organizational narrative and what behaviors are needed to be measured in order to live this out. This session explores how to identify core values and principles, and how best to apply them in the vision and mission.

The Mission Possible workshop is recommended to:

  • Create and/or contextualize (localize) a Mission/Vision/Values
  • Allow all stakeholders to feel a part of the bigger picture, and buy into the importance of using an organizational narrative as a guiding principle
  • Make the necessary strategic changes to move the organization through to the next level
  • Discover how the company culture and core values impact on the organization internally and externally
  • Create a unique branded customer service experience
  • Connect behaviors in such a way that everyone can be guided by them

Use this session to:

  • turn your narrative into creative tools of competitive advantage which result in behavioral decision making at all levels.
  • strategic implementation: design- objective/goals/strategies and measures (OGSM) from the VMV to ensure the VMV can be
    integrated into real life working applications.

REC TIME: 0.5-2 days

REC SIZE: 5-30

PLATFORMS: Keynote, Workshop, Bus Facilitation