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Endorsements – Technology

Tirian’s IT Industries clients include:

AWS, Amazon, Alcatel Lucent, AT&T, Cisco Systems,  Electronic Arts, Etisalat, Fuji Xerox, Google, Google Cloud,  GFK, GFI, HP, Honeywell, IBM, Lexmark, Microsoft, Motorola, MTV, Nokia, Optus, SalesForce, Singtel, Seagate, Symantec, Sun Microsystems, Vodafone.

“We specifically wanted for our Senior Leadership Team something that was intellectually challenging, high collaboration and engaging fun. This was the perfect program for our outcomes”.

Karan Bajwa, Vice President, Asia Pacific | GOOGLE CLOUD

Totally impressed, a great event. It was both logical & fun, with real take aways.

Managing Director, Czech Republic | 3M (YPO), Video

Very helpful for our executive team and applicable to everyone in the company.

Vincent Iswara, CEO Indonesia DANA, (JV with ALIPAY / ALIBABA / ANT FINANCIAL), Video

A truly magnificent achievement, particularly since the audience was from a multitude of cultures and listened in 5 different languages. This event scored the highest feedback in our 10 year history. (4.6/5)

Asia Pacific Manager | Premier Partners Global Network | FUJI XEROX

You provided our clients with the tools to help them become a marketing success. I’d do this session a million times over.

clientSam Lasseter-Moore Country Director | Marketing Cloud SALESFORCE, Video

Masterful story tellers who have compiled a rich set of tools for sustainable innovation methods.

clientDerek Laney | Head of Product Marketing Asia Pacific | SALESFORCE

The experiences you took us through brought learning to life. At AT&T we are undergoing so much change, and a lot of the learnings will equip us well in a very memorable way to deal with the changes. What we saw in the program was an incredible attitude, an attitude characterized by team work and a spirit of collaboration rather than competition, and a lot of creativity. This program really reinforced the importance of respect and diversity on multiple levels. It was fascinating.

Regional President and CEO | AT&T

“An informative, interesting, creative approach to creativity in the workplace. We had great feedback from all those attending.”

Kristen Hansen, Leader, Sydney NeuroLeadership Interest Group Leader Director, Hansen Performance |Presented at/for GOOGLE

Your contribution in so many ways turned our Learning Fiesta into a smooth event with very interested participants and a great atmosphere for discussion & collaboration.


A pleasure to work with, and helped us produce amazing results.

Jon Niermann | President | Asia | ELECTRONIC ARTS (EA)

We were able to understand our strengths and weakness and find the fun in ourselves. Issues that have previously taken months to deal with are now solved. A process of very clever facilitation as opposed to straight teaching.

Regional Vice President Marketing | CISCO SYSTEMS

A great use of metaphors that we can really take back to us and use in the office.

Regional President MTV

This was a great way to find out about ourselves, our team and our leaders. Tirian gave great thought to the whole process.

Regional Vice President Sales | SEAGATE TECHNOLOGY

Thank you for the astonishing “The Creative Leader” program. I learnt a great many things, not just for our business – but for life!

Amjad Matar | Saudi Arabia | APPLE COMPUTER

Great combination of strategy, planning, creativity and fun.


Not just a day of fun, but something that will contribute to our success.

Vice President Marketing | Asia Pacific | FEDEX

This session explores the conditions under which people collaborate. It’s practical and effective… the engagement in the room was amazing both to have fun, but as the game progresses you can see the how it dawns on the participants there is a deeper context related to what happens at work. This will help our KPIs and performance goals as an incredible reminder to see how to be more effective we can be if we take a more collective view.


A totally impressive program. I was amazed at how you got my team to openly discuss issues and address our needs to drive change.

Director of Marketing BPD | Asia | HEWLETT-PACKARD

“thank you for giving us the best session ever. It was completely different from previous sessions and as such a great success. Though we planned it to have a fully interactive session, due to technical limitations from our side we had to drop it at the last moment, our team loved how you still managed to make the most of it, and were quickly able to adjust, think and act to make the session connected. I’m sure they will carry this excitement and push their creative boundaries and never give up on what they love.”

Pratheek | Customer Advocacy & Marketing | WHATFIX (booked via BigSpeak)