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Andrew Grant
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Promo Showreel – Keynote Speaker
Dr Gaia Grant
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Experience unique perspectives- keynote talks

Andrew Grant and Dr Gaia Grant are listed as professional keynote speakers by leading speakers bureaus globally. They are recognized thought leaders who deliver original insights from their research in an engaging way.

The keynotes are designed for conference-style formats, allowing for flexibility with audience numbers and timeframes. The digital options offered are tailored to ensure the message works best for the virtual medium. A special extension hybrid keynote/workshop includes engaging interactive application exercises to ensure participants walk away with practical, actionable strategies. These sessions harness the group’s collective intelligence and focus on applications and solutions to relevant workplace challenges. The core topics below can be adapted according to specific needs.

Andrew and Gaia are available as independent presenters and as co-presenters. They provide unique business and academic perspectives with plenty of interaction in any context.


Hybrid keynote/workshop: In addition to delivering input through traditional one-way keynote presentations, we’ve introduced innovative interactive extensions tailored to enhance engagement. These empower participants and stakeholders to leave with actionable strategies. Seamlessly integrated with the keynote, our customizable hybrid workshops offer a collaborative environment, leveraging collective intelligence to address real-world workplace challenges and devise effective solutions.

The above (left) photos show a session designed to work with Australia’s largest fleet management company, with participants from the Australian government, Australian Federal Police, Air Traffic Control, Fire Department, National Parks, and corporate leaders from Hyundai, Mitsubishi, and Toyota. Following the keynote on ‘Creativity thinking,’ the workshop section focused on addressing the challenge question: ‘How to implement government mandates around transitioning to reach emission targets?’


Our Pledge To Make Your Event Special
1. Value: We acknowledge the biggest investment for a keynote is the audiences precious time, and so we will seek to add value by way of offering a fully integrated service, knowing success happens as much off the stage as on it.
2. Listen: We will listen to your needs, outcomes and brief
3. Design: We will design a Keynote based on your brief and for its intended purpose (“a short form intervention to be the catalyst for a conference or learning experience”)
4. Integrate: We will design and integrate our session into the full conference so everything flows and the whole learning experience becomes connected. (This includes being available before and after the actual delivery.)
5. Balance: We will balance motivation, research, narrative and business concepts based on your brief.
6. Original: We will present original material & ideas in an interesting, stimulating (often interactive) way and that is suitable for the keynote platform.
7. Flexibility: We will optimize both the live face-to-face and the online virtual delivery platforms to take advantage of the chosen one. Rather than see the virtual offerings as a poor replacement to the live onstage conference events, we have added in a whole new level of experience using multiple tools to ensure interaction and involvement.
8. Blended: We can offer the options of ongoing learning – both at the event (Q&A, Interviews, Workshops etc) and post (Online, blended learning)
9. Focus: We will talk about you, not us


1. This is not just another job – > this is our full-time work, we take presenting as a professional calling, and it’s all we do.
2. We won’t just walk in walk out -> We will take the time to talk prior, (& meet if possible), to understand your outcomes, + we’ll come early /stay on, & be part of the full session to ensure a seamless audience experience.
3. We won’t entertain without outcomes – > we are entertaining, but only as a means to an end – outcomes.
4. We won’t present research or models without engagement -> We acknowledge not everyone is as passionate about the chosen topic as the organizers, boss or presenters. Part of the role of a good keynote speaker is to convince the audience this is important content. A key by-product becomes audience buy-in.
5. We can’t rely on celebrity wows – rags to riches / high achievers “look at me”, > our focus is on the audience. Our ‘Inspiration’ and ‘motivation’ is derived from interesting content and methodology that creates intrinsic motivation for each person in the audience.
6. We won’t hype- >  we engage, stimulate, interact & motivate, but not in an emotional manipulative way. Intelligent in content and stimulating in method.
7. We won’t bore –OR Ignore the cynics – > we present key information in a way that people will want to learn it. We are globally minded and culturally fluent,. > we believe that cynics are the most important people in an audience to engage. (anyone can engage the converted)

Keynote Talk highlights




Chosen by Wiley (as their international representative author) to give a keynote speech on Innovation -Futurism (The Innovation Race) – at the APEC University Leaders’ Forum (Vietnam /Asia)



Who Killed Creativity TEDx feature keynote talk (Hong Kong)


YPO & WPO (Young Presidents / World Presidents Organization)

Global Edge  GLC (Global Leadership Conference ).  The ROW Opening keynote speaker, presenting to 100 of the most senior team /participants. Including the outgoing and incoming Chairs and regional officers (full day > 2 keynotes and facilitation of the merger of YPO and WPO). This session received a 9.01 /10 the highest rating for a session like this. Andrew & Gaia continue to run sessions for YPO chapter groups internationally, consistently receiving a 9+/10 YPO rating. (Sydney and Melbourne – Australia)



Andrew Grant’s keynote talk received a first of a perfect 5/5 feedback score from all participants in rating both the relevance and the presentation. 100 strong audience with 100% satisfaction! (Eastern Europe)

“Fabulous speech. We never before received a perfect 5/5 feedback from all participants in both rating the relevance and presentation”.
Paula Wasowska Co-Chairperson Innovation Committee American Chamber of Commerce Poland



Creative Thinking Feature keynote speaker, plus workshops and panels  (France)

“Super amazing keynote and workshop sessions”



Dr Gaia  Grant shared the research on the Innovation Climate Indicator and how CEOs can lead sustainable innovation. (USA)



Opening Keynote speaker session, for Singapore’s largest HR conference & convention.  1000 participants (Singapore)


INNODAY: One of Europe’s largest Innovation conference, “Where ideas come to life”. Andrew Grant was a featured keynote speaker, alongside Alexander Osterwalder, Business Model Canvas, 1000+ participant  (Stockholm)



One of only 4 keynote speakers including: (the late) Stephen Covey, Jonas Ridderstrale and Bob Nelson. to over 4000 participants. Andrew Grant received the best feedback of the whole conference (90 mins) (Middle East) VIDEO endorsement

CWS Summit- Staffing Industries

How to innovate with a contingent workforce.

“You were able to leverage the information shared at pre meetings into a presentation that really connected the audience and the topic together. You presented on a substantial topic and yet kept the audience fully engaged and wanting more!”
John W. Healy Vice President & Managing Director  Global Talent Supply Chain KellyOCG Kelly Services

(Past keynote speakers at this event included Dan Pink and Marcus Buckingham)

Unwired- Wortech

“Your great keynote presentation was the highest-rated of all sessions by the delegates.”

Philip Ross Managing Director Unwired United Kingdom



GARTNER Symposium ITXpo:

In this keynote talk, 1000 CIOs listened intently as Dr Gaia Grant dived deep into her research on the paradox of innovation. (Australia).



4 cities keynote tour – Andrew Grant & Gaia Grant co presented on “Seeing the moments that matter” to assist SalesForce with their key clients to introduce their new cloud-based marketing.  + The online delivery of digital virtual sessions in Asia Pac and Australia. (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Auckland)

“You provided our clients with the tools to help them become a marketing success. I’d do this session a million times over.”
Sam Lasseter-Moore | Country Director | Marketing Cloud | SalesForce



The USAs biggest PWC national event. An interactive keynote talk to the international Forensics team of directors on the “Magic Of Creative Thinking And Neuroscience”. (Orlando)

“Andrew engaged our teams to really think through the value of creativity in business and about how to create a space that allows you to access that perspective. His passionate delivery was not only engaging to listen to, it made us really stop and think about how we were going about addressing our client’s challenges.”
Erik Skramstad – Partner | Director | US Advisory Forensic Services | PwC


Gaia Grant presented on Innovation Leadership, at KPMG’s DTL Innovation Forum.  This was part of her collaboration with KPMG’s Technology, Data and Innovation team with the KPMG & University of Sydney Innovation Challenge.



International Management Conference: For the CEO, RPVs and GMs  a 3-hour interactive session to 160 participants. This iconic award-winning hotel chain engaged the parnter team of  Andrew Grant & Gaia Grant, to be the only external keynote speakers at this prestigious event. (Past speakers to fill this slot have included John Cleese and Jim Collins.) (Toronto)



Andrew Grant was the main keynote speaker for a 600 event conference with Australian managers. To ensure relevance, the day prior was designed a full-day workshop and delivered to the top 50 high achievers. This was attended by the CEO, COO, and executive team. (Previous year speakers included: Steve Wozniak, Coach (Ken) Carter & Sam Cawthorn) (Dubai)

Gaia Grant delivered sessions on Innovation to key departments (Sydney)

“You did an amazing job to help us translate big ideas into execution”
Change Portfolio Leader AMP Bank



PREMIER PARTNERS GLOBAL NETWORK: (Melb / Asia Pac) Keynote talk to over 300 participants from 14 cultures and simultaneously translated into 5 different languages.

“A truly magnificent achievement, particularity since the audience was from a multitude of cultures and listened in 5 different languages. This event scored the highest feedback in our 10 year history.” Score 4.60/5
Asia Pacific Manager, Premier Partners Global Network Fuji Xerox



Simultaneously streamed multiple keynotes & workshops presented in Singapore and Sydney by Andrew Grant & Gaia Grant to open their learning feistier to all employees.

“Your contribution in so many ways turned the Optus Learning Fiesta into a smooth event with very interested participants and a great atmosphere for discussion & collaboration.” Optus Sydney


Several keynotes for leaders in multiple countries. Including working with the Customer Innovation Center for Latin America (1 of only 2 globally) this group of elite staff participated in a keynote then workshop to identify a culture that supported innovation, and effectively utilized the whole team to bring about creative ideas.  (Mexico, HK, China)



Andrew Grant & Lloyd Irwin were invited to head office to consult with and present to board members, Daimler Corporate Academy, and the top L2 leaders. They designed and ran pilot programs that were then chosen & rolled out internationally to enable all worldwide leaders to reach the 2020 goals, and followed this up with several keynotes in Asia, including launching part of a new brand strategy in China.  Lloyd continued the work with the design and running of special senior leadership programs throughout the globe over a period of several years.  (Germany, China, Singapore, Australia, South Africa)



INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE:  Chosen from all UBS worldwide vendors this keynote was presented to the top 100 UBS international bankers in London to assist with their global strategies. 90 mins – 110 participants. (UK)

“Top marks for helping us ensure that the whole issue of creating a supporting culture that enables our key strategic initiatives, becomes successful.” 
John Gilbert Global Operations UBS Investment Bank- London UK



Creative Thinking keynote to 500 participants (90 mins) in Singapore. + Designed programs and then delivered for Chinas most precious Business school for IBM executives (CKGSB- Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business) China



An interactive keynote that ensured that Dyson’s, COO, senior leadership & R&D teams, remain at the top of their field in innovation and ideation  (Singapore)



Keynote to 350 new business leaders and high potentials from Asia Pac. (120 mins) (Malaysia)



A digital delivery keynote series of sessions for Boeing’s airline partners, to assist & equip them to recover from the covid crisis (run in conjunction with DukeCE). (USA /Asia Pac / Australia)


YPO Global Edge (Australia)
Gartner Symposium ITXpo (Australia)
Four Seasons Hotels CEO /GMs (America)
APEC CEO Summit / APRU Forum (DaNang)
Swiss Re (HK)
Citibank (China)
World Innovation Summit (France)
Unilever (Indonesia)
CIO 100 (India)
Salesforce (New Zealand)
RCSA (Australia)

We can offer a professional online live keynote based on our core topic areas. These sessions are designed to be much more than a talking box, as they include integrated interactive options,  which take full advantage of the platform, software and tools. sample

Picture: Dr Gaia Grant headlining an event along with an all-star lineup of keynote speakers, including Dr Michio Kaku,
First Sentier Investors Global Reimagine Conference. 


  • International Center for Studies in Creativity the State University in New York (USA)
  • The European Group of Organisation Studies (Estonia)
  • The Academy of Management (Israel)
  • CIPSI Creative Problem Solving Institute  (USA)
  • CKGSB Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business (China)
  • Royal Thimphu College (Bhutan)
  • Sydney University Business School (Australia)

Who Killed Creativity? Keynote talk
Andrew Grant TEDx  (Hong Kong)

Why Design Thinking Fails –Keynote talk
Andrew Grant –Innoday (Stockholm Europe)

The Collaboration Deception –Keynote Simulation
Andrew Grant & Gaia Grant – IR (USA)

Does Innovation Kill Creativity? Keynote & Debate
Dr Gaia Grant: Vivid (Sydney Australia)

Being an Innovative Leader: Keynote talk
Gaia Grant – Gartner  (Australia)

How to implement big ideas – Keynote workshop
Dr Gaia Grant AMP Bank (Sydney Australia)

All our signature keynote topics (see the KEY-TOPICS menu) can be made available as interactive digital virtual sessions.