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The Creative Connection Experience
+ THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY ™ gamified simulation

The Creative Connection program consists of the following modules:


Becoming truly people centric

Developing client & employee engagement with strategic innovation.

2 & 3


(Gamified simulation)
Developing innovative processes.


Implications & Applications

Business facilitation with case study, coaching & deep dive lab.


THE CREATIVE CONNECTION (full workshop)  ™
Featuring THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY ™ (gamified simulation)

Understand how creative thinking can improve an agile process optimization redesign. Connect the Customer Experience, Employee Engagement, and Effective Optimisation Processes for outstanding results.

The program features THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY ™,  a hands-on experiential learning simulation (and team-building program) that demonstrates the power of effective creative design and strategic implementation. This is a unique, original gamified simulation, exclusivity designed by TIRIAN.

Using both game theory and gamification, the program simulates the problems of a non-productive company and addresses the connected issues of customer dissatisfaction, customer centricity, change management, staff morale, leadership, silos, accountability, and organizational processes (as relevant) in a safe environment. Experience an intelligent and creative team-building treat!

The full session integrates with the unique CSI (creativity / design thinking) tools, and deep dive workshop, whereby participants learn to analyze the current state of a dysfunctional factory and to identify potential parallels in their own business. Participants are then shown how to redesign and trial a workable desired state, and as a result they experience how the factory can improve its efficiency by up to 200% with simple creative solutions. This learning becomes a powerful ‘ah-ha’ moment as they discover all the connected elements that lead to truly breakthrough innovations.

Through exposure to immediate breakthrough results, the group then identifies how they can find innovative solutions and improve systems and processes in their own organization. The deep dive lab “Solutions” session can help the teams apply this to their own leadership and workplace with actionable business takeaways.

Available as

  1. A full workshop: THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY ™ with outcomes & action planning – 1 day.
  2. A capstone project: THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY ™ as part of an integrated workshop at the end of the CSI  suite / design thinking learning intervention- 1 day.
  3. Standalone THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY ™  simulation & team-building module  (conference intervention – 1/2 day.)

This program can be used as a tool to train the optimisation of teamwork within dynamic processes posing questions to the team such as

  • “How agile can a team react to last-minute changes in running proceedings (managing chaos) ?”
  • “How quickly can a team adapt and re-organise themselves to meet new requirements?”
  • “What is the connection between customer focus, employee engagement and creative redesign processes?”

Run The Chocolate Factory for:

  1. A mind-set shifting event at the beginning of a major leadership development program
  2. An opening to any organization or department improvement initiative
  3. A lead-in event to help increase customer satisfaction, centricity & engagement
  4. An intervention for building high-performance teams, departments, functions
  5. Improving employee engagement, breaking down silos & cross-department communications
  6. Any major process improvement projects, redesign and innovation
  7. A stand-alone team-building event /part of a company or function retreat.
  8. A capstone project to bring together all the elements of the full CREATE (CSI) suite of programs

REC TIME: 0.5-1 day

REC SIZE: 20-120



The Chocolate Factory simulation & model shows how results can skyrocket when the following 3 elements are effectively connected through smart design & innovative processes:

True Customer Focus

leading to a deeper appreciation of the importance of understanding the key elements of a successful design thinking process by putting the customer at the center of all solutions and building this into the DNA of all departments not just the customer service front facing teams.

Intrinsically Engaged Employees –

showing the relationship of how engaged teams are much better at finding real solutions, collaborating across departments & breaking down silos. (Team building)

Effective Innovation Processes –

discovering the power of creative thinking to look for both incremental and big breakthroughs, ensuring the organization can become innovative market disruptors, rather than being disrupted.


“The best engagement program we have ever had, ensuring we could transfer the learning into the business. It brilliantly simulated the workplace, showing us how to create a world-class process.”
CEO Daimler Financial Services Asia (Mercedes Benz)


“You deliver important outcomes with fun and energy.”
Dr Kaschke  Chairman and CEO
Carl Zeiss AG