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Singapore Leadership Development and Team Building

Tirian has been listed in the Asia Business Outlook Top 10 Leadership Development Companies 2022! It is also the only Singapore company in the list. The finalists were selected by an expert panel focusing on organisations that leverage their experience in bringing innovative solutions to the market. The panel looked for transformational leadership approaches that represented leadership as ‘creativity in action’. Sustainability through reliable service was also an important selection criteria. We are proud to have our 25+ years of work in the Asia Pacific region recognised in this way.

Tiran has also been listed in the top 10 team-building companies in Singapore. 

Tirian is a leading provider in Singapore and Asia for business facilitation, leadership training, innovation workshops, creative design thinking, corporate team building, and corporate events for a range of companies and organizations. In Singapore, we specialise in intelligent outcomes-based team-building simulations and leadership development.   We can do this in the context of a Singapore based conference and event, offsite, executive retreat, or onsite in the local Singapore office.

Tirian (Tirian PTE) has an extensive range of unique leadership programs & team building simulations and to run in Singapore, all specifically designed to develop leaders and their teams. We are able to offer a customized version based on individual organization and team development needs. In a conference and event context, we can prepare intelligent corporate team building, standalone or integrated with keynotes, and facilitated workshops. We can do this for both international conferences & events run in Singapore, multinationals based in Singapore, and local Singaporean companies.

Singapore was one or our original bases, and from there, our success has allowed us to expand globally. As a result, we understand both the local Singapore culture, but also can see the big global picture. This allows us to bring best practices into Singapore for leaders, teams and the organization.

Our 20 years of conference experience combined with our academic validate research (Discipline of Strategy, Innovation and Entrepreneurship / Sydney University Business School) and global exposure with market leaders in many fields, puts us in a prime position to have the perfect combination to design something special for your needs in Singapore.

We have a competent team in Singapore ready to assist for all levels of facilitation and team building programs in Singapore, and surrounding regions.

Some reasons your organization would want to develop with our support, may include:

  • Improving communication (team building)
  • Improving team productivity (team efficiency)
  • Being more creative (creative thinking, critical thinking, and design thinking)
  • Embracing innovation & dealing with disruptive innovation  (ambidextrous leadership)
  • Motivating a team (team alignment)
  • Leading a team (leadership)
  • Identifying and utilizing the strengths of team members (team dynamics)
  • Helping participants to learn more about their strengths and weaknesses (team dynamics)
  • Practicing effective collaboration with other team members (team collaboration)
  • Getting everyone onto the “same page” and setting team goals (team alignment)
  • Making the team workplace more enjoyable and a great place to work (team engagement)
  • Getting to know each other within the team (team communication)
  • Strategic planning  (future thinking)

Local Singapore clients have included:

MOH Holdings, PSA, Keppel Corporation, Singapore Monetary Fund, HR Summit, along with many MNCs including: Google, P&G, J&J, Allianz, Citibank, IBM, Accenture, Daimler, DeustcheBank, UBS, Mercedes Benz, Estee Lauda, Four Seasons Hotels, Regent Hotel, Starwood hotels, Cisco Systems.

Team Building Asia

We know Asia and from Singapore, we can travel to run special events and Team Building in Asia. We can support any offsite conference with a range of educational input, so as to bring the conference alive and make the learning last.

Local culture meets global influences

We have supported ex-pats from all over the world, and locals work together effectively for successful results in Singapore. We understand the issues and challenges that both local and multinational companies face working in Singapore. We can help facilitate discussion for best practices across diverse cultures and challenges specific to Singapore.

As professional facilitators, we actively evaluate your team to make recommendations and provide suitable activities & exercises for the team. We plan corporate events based on our individual or customized programs. After the team activities, we will evaluate the team building program and communicate the results to your leader, team, or organization.

Team Building Asia and Singapore.

A globally based French company with its Asia Pacific HQ in Singapore. Singapore is the perfect place to get together and run a team workshop on creative thinking.

Keynote talks Asia and Singapore

Andrew Grant is a regular keynote speaker in Singapore speaking at many prestigious events such as: headlining the HR Summit, PMI, iProspect, HRM, CWS Summit, Dyson, IBM, Cisco Systems and many more.

Top in Singapore Award (150x150)