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Bali Team-Building, Keynote Specialists for Conferences

Tirian’s experience in Bali. (Executive Retreats & Intelligent Team-building Bali)

We specialize in creating high-end learning experiences at conferences & Executive Retreats. We offer some of the best ‘team-building’ experiences in Asia including Bali. We can integrate our sessions into a conference: including the keynote, workshops, team-building into a full learning experience.

Bali is a great place to run a secluded executive retreat. By using a private villa or exclusive resort, an executive team can get away from all distractions and focus on the important issues they need to consider. We have professional facilitators based in Bali (multi-lingual) and the Tirian directors treat Bali as their second home, having established Tirian there (1996). Dr Gaia Grant (Phd) has written several books about Bali, the culture, and about living in Bali.

Bali is also one of Asia’s premier conference destinations with multiple places to run events of all sizes.

Some facts to consider about Bali:

  • There is no better place than Bali to take an executive-level team offsite to ensure total focus on achieving outcomes in an environment where the leadership team can focus without the distraction of city life, and reflect at night in a relaxed setting
  • We offer some of the best ‘team-building experiences’ in Bali (Team-building Bali), exclusively designed by Tirian
  • Our sessions have the flexibility to be run as stand-alone OR integrated with a conference
  • We have done plenty of small internet retreats, through to large conference events
  • We offer professional facilitators at an international standard with the option to fly in the experts when needed
  • We are not an event management company, PCO or DMC and we do not offer basic team activities or team games -(Amazing Race, Master Chef, Beach Olympics etc). See more about how we differentiate ourselves 
  • We are the only company based on the island that specializes in professional team-building in Bali for international clients
  • We can blend team-building Bali style into other areas of your conference, including keynote talks and seminars, creating a seamless and high-impact conference or incentive
  • Our company has been established in Bali since 1996. We have published many articles and several books on Bali, team building, management and Asian culture. We have had interviews & articles written about our success in Bali by the International media
  • We understand both corporate clients’ needs and the local culture
  • We can match your outcomes to ensure the best possible program in the best environment
  • We have an ongoing relationship with all good hotels, DMCs and other tour companies. We speak the local language and understand the culture to ensure smooth organization throughout the conference

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