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Australia- Leadership Development and Team Building

Innovative Leadership Development and Intelligent Team Building in Australia with Tirian

Tirian is a leading provider of business facilitation, leadership training, innovation workshops, creative design thinking, corporate team building, and corporate events in Australia, including the ANZ and APAC regions. We specialize in intelligent, outcomes-based team-building simulations and leadership development programs that can be delivered in various settings such as conferences, offsite events, executive retreats, or local offices.

Our unique leadership programs and team building simulations in Australia are designed to develop leaders and their teams. Each program can be customized to meet the specific needs of individual organizations and teams. With 20 years of conference experience, academic research validation, and global exposure working with market leaders in various fields, Tirian is uniquely positioned to design something special to meet your needs in Australia.

If you want to drop in, our office is in Manly / Sydney NSW.

Often voted one of the best beaches in Australia, Manly is a great place to have an offsite, as it’s close to the city of Sydney, but far enough away to not be distracted.  (15 mins fast ferry).

“Fantastic & very relevant to our business.”

David Overall | CEO | Australia | DOWNER EDI MINING, Video

“A rich set of leadership tools for sustainable innovation methods.”

Derek Laney | Head of Product Marketing Asia Pacific | SALESFORCE

“10/10  session rating, followed by 177% growth!”

Head of sales| Australia | SAIC Motor, Video

7 ways we can support your leadership innovation and team building in Australia:

We are ready to assist with all levels of facilitation and team-building programs in Australia and surrounding regions, including ANZ and Asia Pacific. Having lived in Asia for many years, we are experts in working with the Australian and Asian cultures. We understand the issues and challenges that both local and multinational companies face working in Australia.

  1. Improving communication (team building)
  2. Strategic planning  (future thinking)
  3. Leading a team (leadership)
  4. Being more creative (creative thinking, critical thinking, and design thinking)
  5. Embracing innovation & dealing with disruptive innovation  (ambidextrous leadership)
  6. Identifying and utilizing the strengths of team members (team alignment & dynamics)
  7. Practicing effective collaboration with other team members (team collaboration)

Dr Gaia Grant is also a Designer, Researcher & Lecturer.
Work-Integrated Learning Hub | Discipline of Strategy, Innovation and Entrepreneurship |
University of Sydney Business School

Directors Andrew Grant & Dr Gaia Grant presenting at the YPO GLC (Global Leadership Conference) in Melbourne on creative thinking, to over 600 CEOS. This prestigious conference event circles the globe every few years. Andrew also presented at the Sydney GLC  / Regional Offices Workshop, where he helped design and facilitate the merger of YPO and WPO.

Dr Gaia Grant facilitated a small executive offsite retreat outside of Sydney, with the CEO, Founder and shareholders to look at strategic planning.

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