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One of the largest companies in the world. GE employs the greatest number of lawyers.


With long working hours and high demands the management team of GE wanted to expose their lawyers to tools and and mindset that will help them balance their lives better and look for ways to deal with challenges. GE wants to demonstrate that they are committed to their employers by helping them in all areas of their lives


Andrew & Gaia Grant delivered 2 X 2 hour interactive and highly engaging keynote talks on the ‘Balanced Lifestyle’ and ‘Ultimate Optimism’. These sessions encouraged the participants to re-evaluate their lifestyle and productivity in the big picture – their live, along with providing tools to assist with a new mindset to be well equipped to face challenges.


These keynote talks revitalized and challenged the lawyers. A series of questions and short quizzes were used to help the group assess where they currently were and where they want to be in terms of balance and mindset.