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Citibank is the worlds largest bank. Citibank Asia relies on a dedicated team of senior economists to deliver research on economics to the rest of the bank both in Asia and internationally.


Donald Hanna (MD) wanted to ensure that his team’s communication skills were of the highest standards both within the team and with external stakeholders.


For several consecutive years Citigroup’s senior economists from the Asia Pacific region met with and engaged Tirian to assist with developing specific skills in their team. The integrated program design combined Presentation Skills, Creativity, Corporate Identity, DISC profiling and Tirian’s exclusive “ON THIN ICE” team building program. Knowing that the diagnosis is as important as the execution when it comes to choosing programs, Tirian assessed their needs and designed a program that was stimulating in approach AND intelligent in content. The program was very successful in giving the regional team ideas on how to work together as a “virtual team”, and it exceeded the expectations of even the cynics. The programs were run in Hong Kong, Bangkok and Bali.


“You’d be happy to note I used your “Creative Walkthrough” tools at the following day’s meeting to discuss better client servicing. Thanks for a wonderful program.”

“I think one measure of your success is that before the conference, many felt the time allocated was too long, while afterwards, the same people said the program could have gone for much longer.”