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Cisco is a leading IT company. Cisco’s culture drives them to set high standards for corporate integrity and to give back by using their resources for a positive global impact. Cisco Systems pursue a strong “triple bottom line” focus on profits, people and presence. They recognise that their people are as equally important as profit. Strong, mutually beneficial relationships with partners, customers, shareholders and the people who work for, with and near them are essential to their business.


To build an aligned team that could successfully work with their clients, exceeding expectations. A strong desire for continual improvement and ongoing learning and growth.


Tirian ran an extensive powerful integrated program in Singapore over a period of 3 years. Below is an example of what this looked like in practice:

  • Team Development Exercise: The “Take 2” Team Building exercise provided a great way to learn about the team’s roles and values, this exercise helped the teams to focus on shared priorities and to learn to work towards a common goal.
  • Team Transformation Workshops: Individuals learned to identify their unique behaviour profiles to bring out each person’s strengths and start to work more effectively as a unified team.
  • Coaching: The “one-on-one” coaching sessions before, during and after the program involved interviews, individualized DiSC profiling and specific recommendations and follow-up to assist with implementation in the workplace.


A highly successful and functional team with measurable improvements in relationships and productivity.


“Well organised, tremendous and extremely worthwhile”

Liz Lawson, Director Channels ANZ, Cisco Systems Australia

“We were able to understand our strengths and weakness and find the fun in ourselves. Issues that have previously taken months to deal with are now solved. A process of very clever facilitation as opposed to straight teaching.”

Vice President, Cisco Systems Marketing A/P