Andrew Grant – Director

booksAndrew Grant is a founder and director of Tirian International Consultancy, and author of – ‘The Innovation Race: How to change a culture to change the game’ along with international bestseller ‘Who Killed Creativity?… And How Can We Get it Back?
Andrew is a highly experienced, humorous and engaging presenter and facilitator.

As an executive level global culture consultant and facilitator, Andrew has been engaged by market innovation leaders to help create a culture of innovation including:

  • Nestle (sustainable solutions for emerging markets in Switzerland)
  • Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts (preparing the exec team & GMs for the future of the hospitality industry, Canada)
  • Disney (creating compelling ideas for marketing, HK),
  • Mercedes Benz (innovative brand positioning, China)
  • Estee Lauder (reimagining regional retail models),
  • Salesforce (looking at the future of marketing and the customer journey)
  • Duke University & UAE Prime Minister’s office (to help Dubai and the region develop future leaders in innovation)
  • Boeing – Leading and Recovering from Crisis (during Covid)

along with several large finance institutions (e.g., assisting with dealing with changes to regulations).

In his role as a keynote speaker, Andrew has been in high demand internationally, including delivering keynotes at:

  • Young Presidents’ Organisation (YPO) Global Edge & GLC ROW Conference (Aust) (Europe)
  • Four Seasons Hotel International CEO Conference (Canada)
  • The World Innovation Conference (France),
  • TEDx (HK).
  • HR Summit & HR Smart Workforce (Singapore)
  • APEC CEO Summit & APEC University Leaders’ Forum (Vietnam)
  • Jumeirah Hotels CEO GMs Global conference (Dubai)

Andrew has delivered a series of headline keynotes at extended international roadshows for Fuji Xerox,  PwC, J&J, Salesforce, and Citibank.

Andrew has a wealth of knowledge & experience working internationally, and is both globally minded and culturally fluent, resulting in sessions that are always relevant and sensitive to both the local mindset and diverse audiences. He has co-authored over 30 corporate educational resources, simulations and programs in total, which are used by Fortune 500 companies worldwide. Companies such as Visa use Tirian programs as an induction program for every new manager worldwide.

Andrew consistently receives the highest rated feedback for his sessions due to his creative & educationally sound presentations methods.  Andrew’s significant success comes from the fact that he is not only able to talk intelligently and engagingly about the important elements of creative thinking and innovation, but it is easy to see in everything he does. As a result, Andrew has been featured in a number of international media including BBC and ABC TV along with commercial TV, Reuters, Harvard Business review, Fast Company and the Wall St Journal.


Dr Gaia Grant

gaia books

Gaia Grant – (PhD) is the creator of the unique ‘Innovator’s Profile’, a researcher on innovation with the University of Sydney Business School, a director of Tirian Consulting, and author of a number of books including: ‘The Innovation Race: How to change a culture to change the game’, along with international bestseller ‘Who Killed Creativity?… And How Can We Get it Back?

Gaia Grant is the author and co-author of a number of books including The Innovation Race: How to change a culture to change the game and international bestseller ‘Who Killed Creativity?… And How Can We Get it Back?’ along with ‘A Patch of Paradise’ and ‘The Rhythm of Life’ and over 30 other educational resources.

Gaia is the creator of ‘The Innovator’s Profile’ (iCLi) and ‘Polar Positioning’ (PoP) tools designed for navigating innovation leadership and culture.

Dr Gaia Grant (PhD) is a course designer & lecturer at the Work Integrated Learning Hub / Discipline of Strategy, Innovation and Entrepreneurship / University of Sydney Business School. Gaia researches how to create a culture that supports sustainable innovation and change and draws on data she’s collected from multiple survey responses and interviews with global leaders. Gaia was appointed by The Australian Institute of Company Directors and the peak Australian Superannuation Association Fund to research and report back on the importance of creating cultures in an organization that promotes accountability and integrity following the outcomes of the Haynes Royal Commission. Gaia also has an MSc in Creative Leadership (State University of New York), along with a Grad Dip Change Leadership, BD (hons), and BA Dip Ed.

Gaia’s corporate clients have included: Google (US), JP Morgan (Asia Pacific), Visa (US), Salesforce (Asia Pacific), Boeing (& Partner airlines), Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts (Canada), Citibank (Asia Pacific), AMP Bank (Australia),  Baker & McKenzie (Asia Pacific), Colgate Palmolive (Innovation Lab America), Deutsche Bank (Asia Pacific) & many other MNCs who can all attest to her insightful approach.

Keynote presentations Gaia has given at a number of high-profile events for up to 3,000 people at a time have included: Salesforce International Roadshow | Gartner Symposium CIO Itxpo | World President Organization Global conference | Optus / Singtel national event |Growth Faculty Conference. Other selected industry keynote and workshop presentations have included Ci Creative Innovation Conference (Australia) and the Creative Problem-Solving Institute (State University of New York, US). Gaia has also presented her research papers at a number of universities internationally including across the US (such as Xavier and Miami), Asia Pacific (including Bhutan, Central Philippines University), as well as delivering at major US & European management theory conferences: Academy of Management, EGOS & PROS.

Gaia contributes regularly to a number of major magazines and newspapers, and she has also been featured in a number of international media including BBC and ABC TV along with commercial TV, Reuters, Harvard Business Review, HRM, Fast Company and the Wall St Journal. She has co-authored several academic papers on innovation and over 30 corporate educational resources, simulations and programs, which are used by Fortune 500 companies worldwide. Gaia’s recent white paper on “What it means to be an ambidextrous innovation leader: Developing greater agility for sustainability in a rapidly changing world” is being very well received by innovation leaders globally.

Gaia is a recognized thought leader and a highly skilled presenter, facilitator and consultant who has developed a wide range of strategies and tools that can be used to find solutions to the most difficult challenges. Along with her corporate client work, Gaia has also researched, designed and delivered long-term innovation culture solutions for a number of not-for-profit organisations, including directing a one-year project working on innovation solutions for a government project that supports impoverished farmers with improving agriculture techniques in Indonesia, coordinating strategies for refugee organisations to overcome challenges internationally, and producing a health curriculum for more than 25 million teachers and students in India.

Keynote Showreel
Keynote Vivid

Sample Keynote Presentations

Who Killed Creativity?
Andrew Grant TEDx

Why Design Thinking Fails
Andrew Grant –Innoday Stockholm

The Collaboration Deception
Andrew Grant & Gaia Grant – IR USA

Promo Show-Reel
Andrew Grant

Does Innovation Kill creativity?
Gaia Grant: Vivid Sydney

Being an Innovative Leader:
Gaia Grant – Gartner

How to implement big ideas
Gaia Grant AMP

Promo Show-Reel
Gaia Grant

All our signature keynote topics can be made available as interactive digital virtual sessions.

Experience unique perspectives.

A keynote is like a light – designed to inspire, engage, and motivate. Keynotes are designed for larger groups & shorter time frames.

Tirian co-directors Gaia Grant and Andrew Grant are available as both independent presenters &/OR co-presenter. As personal and professional partners, combined they can provide unique business and academic perspectives.


Our Pledge To Make Your Event Special

  1. Value: We acknowledge the biggest investment for a keynote is the audiences precious time, and so we will seek to add value by way of offering a fully integrated service, knowing success happens as much off the stage as on it.
  2. Listen: We will listen to your needs, outcomes and brief
  3. Design: We will design a Keynote based on your brief and for its intended purpose (“a short form intervention to be the catalyst for a conference or learning experience”)
  4. Integrate: We will design and integrate our session into the full conference so everything flows and the whole learning experience becomes connected. (This includes being available before and after the actual delivery.)
  5. Balance: We will balance motivation, research, narrative and business concepts based on your brief.
  6. Original: We will present original material & ideas in an interesting, stimulating (often interactive) way and that is suitable for the keynote platform.
  7. Flexibility: We will optimize both the live face-to-face and the online virtual delivery platforms to take advantage of the chosen one. Rather than see the virtual offerings as a poor replacement to the live onstage conference events, we have added in a whole new level of experience using multiple tools to ensure interaction and involvement.
  8. Blended: We can offer the options of ongoing learning – both at the event (Q&A, Interviews, Workshops etc) and post (Online, blended learning)
  9. Focus: We will talk about you, not us



  1. This is not just another job – > this is our full-time work, we take presenting as a professional calling, and it’s all we do.
  2. We won’t just walk in walk out -> We will take the time to talk prior, (& meet if possible), to understand your outcomes, + we’ll come early /stay on, & be part of the full session to ensure a seamless audience experience.
  3. We won’t entertain without outcomes – > we are entertaining, but only as a means to an end – outcomes.
  4. We won’t present research or models without engagement -> We acknowledge not everyone is as passionate about the chosen topic as the organizers, boss or presenters. Part of the role of a good keynote speaker is to convince the audience this is important content. A key by-product becomes audience buy-in.
  5. We can’t rely on celebrity wows – rags to riches / high achievers “look at me”, > our focus is on the audience. Our ‘Inspiration’ and ‘motivation’ is derived from interesting content and methodology that creates intrinsic motivation for each person in the audience.
  6. We won’t hype- >  we engage, stimulate, interact & motivate, but not in an emotional manipulative way. Intelligent in content and stimulating in method.
  7. We won’t bore –OR Ignore the cynics – > we present key information in a way that people will want to learn it. We are globally minded and culturally fluent,. > we believe that cynics are the most important people in an audience to engage. (anyone can engage the converted)
YPO Global Edge (Australia)
Gartner Symposium ITXpo (Australia)
Four Seasons Hotels CEO /GMs (America)
APEC CEO Summit / APRU Forum (DaNang)
Swiss Re (HK)
Citibank (China)
World Innovation Summit (France)
Unilever (Indonesia)
CIO 100 (India)
Salesforce (New Zealand)
RCSA (Australia)


Chosen by Wiley (as their international representative author) to talk on The Innovation Race – at the APEC University Leaders’ Forum (Vietnam)


GARTNER Symposium ITXpo:

1000 CIOs listened intently as Gaia Grant dived deep into her research on the paradox of innovation. (Australia).

GARTNER Symposium ITXpo:

1000 CIOs listened intently as Gaia Grant dived deep into her research on the paradox of innovation. (Australia).


  • The Academy of Management: Israel
  • CIPSI Creative Problem Solving Institute  (USA)
  • CKGSB (Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business) China
  • International Center for Studies in Creativity the State University in New York,
  •  European group of Organisation Studies: Estonia
  • Royal Thimphu College Bhutan,
  • Sydney University Business School,