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Innovation, Leadership & Team Building Workshops in Australia

Tirian is an Australia based company that specializes in organizational transformation through strategic leadership and team development. We are experts in delivering through both digital online platforms and in the conference sector for corporate needs in Australia. We have in Australia a great network of people available to assist in designing and running intelligent Team building & corporate leadership events across Australia, both digitally and face to face. We can work in all major cities, including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide, and Perth.

Why engage with Tirian in Australia?

  • Our corporate experience ensures what we present is actionable  (20+ years working with global market leaders)
  • Our academic research provides original validated content  (PhD & Associate Adjunct Faculty, Discipline of Strategy, Innovation and Entrepreneurship | University of Sydney Business School)
  • Our dedication to sound educational methods ensures it’s memorable & measurable (20+ years in educational design)
  • Our published books, papers, and client list support us as recognized international thought leaders.  (2 published best sellers)
  • Our global experience ensures we can benchmark against the very best. (Having worked extensively in over 25 countries we are experts in working across virtual teams and in diverse cultures, especially Asia)
  • Director and founder Dr Gaia Grant is an Associate Adjunct Faculty, Discipline of Strategy, Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the University of Sydney Business School. She was appointed by The Australian Institute of Company Directors and the Peak Australian Superannuation Association Fund to research & report back on the importance of creating cultures in an organization that promote accountability & integrity in innovative ways following the outcomes of the Haynes Royal Commission.

Benefits of a TIRIAN designed program

  • Applying Learning to a Real Work Context. Our programs use action and reflection design to set the right mindset for continuous development and improvement.
  • Learning Moments that Stick. Our unique experiential learning format provides opportunities for reflection in the work context – we create memorable experiences that drive positive behavioural culture change.
  • Enhanced Sense of Ownership. Participants learn to think for themselves and to take ownership when confronting issues, which assists with real transformation.

Success Stories of Our Client in Australia

My reflections of what you deliver to companies like us is the combination of the theme, which was fantastic, the experience you have in your team, and the atmosphere you create in the room which is great fun. That all brings to us a relevance to our business with the issues that we struggle with day-to-day.

David Overall
CEO Downer EDi Mining

“Practical and effective…the engagement in the room was amazing, and it will effectively help our KPIs performance goals”

John Ruthven  | CEO | IR (Integrated Research)

“Provided our clients with great tools to help  them become a marketing success.”

SALESFORCE (feature keynote for four cities international roadshow)

Very suited to our group.

Managing Director Enterprise Services
Sun Microsystems Australia

You certainly had the WOW factor in there.

Director of Marketing Enterprise Services
Sun Microsystems Australia

In my many years of organizing conferences, this was by far the best team building activity I have ever seen.

Internet Conferences and Incentives Australia

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