Sneak Preview of The TEDx Talk: CSI Who Killed Creativity and How Can We Get it Back

A podcast by Andrew Grant.

CSI TEDx Talk Andrew Grant

Topic: Who Killed Creativity and How Can We Get It Back?

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We can’t lift off with breakthrough innovation until we know what’s keeping us down!

The concept of “lift off” in innovation is an inspiring aspiration. Everyone is talking about the need to “breakthrough” with innovative new ideas, so what is holding us back? And what might this potential “disruption” might mean for those that fail to “lift off”?

Andrew Grant reveals the 7 big suspects that can kill creative thinking and innovation. After travelling the world for 25 years, interviewing people from the rubbish dumps of Mexico through to corporate CEOs, Grant has gained some fascinating insights into the neurological and psychological blocks that can inhibit creative growth.

More than 60% of economic success comes from creative thinking and new innovation. CEOs say it’s the #1 leadership competency needed for the future – and it is a stronger predictor of life success than IQ. Yet CQ (Creative Quotient) testing shows that creative thinking has been on the decline worldwide over the last generation. Individuals also lose the ability to think creatively over their lifespan – with a dramatic drop from children who score as geniuses on creative thinking tests, to adults who lose that capability. Why does this happen and what can be done about it? An interesting case is woven to reveal the brain’s inherent neurological gaps and demonstrate the subtle but powerful art of the sort of creative thinking that dares to be different and leads to breakthrough innovations.

News about robots, wearables, drones and 3D printing is everywhere and phones, watches, cities, cars, energy… well everything is getting smarter. We live in a world surrounded by innovation where even the largest and most successful industries, companies and organizations are embracing disruption and change as the new norm. In so many ways, it seems like a new reality is about to “Lift Off.” But where exactly are we headed?

Andrew Grant is the author of the ‘Who Killed Creativity?… And How Can We Get it Back?” and director of Tirian International Consultancy.

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