Vision’s Virtuosity

By Peter Sinclair (Associate guest writer

A relection on the power of a vision for the individual

In order for someone to live at the speed of life, there is a demand for vision to be an integral part that life.

At times this vision often appears as a fragment of the imagination, but as you courageously lasso those thoughts and corral them by capturing those thoughts onto paper, there is a 99% greater chance of you seeing the vision turn into a reality in your life’s experience.

For that is where the momentum kicks in and where all the ducks line up in a row, where the divine appointments and the favorable situations appear, as if magically in your life.

A vision emits a magnetic force. Money is drawn to a dynamic vision. All sorts of resources avail themselves to the man or woman of vision. The red carpet is rolled out for the one who has vision. Oh certainly, that red carpet is not entirely smooth, and many fulfilled visions require the traversing of many mountains and many valleys along the way.

But vision causes the owner of that vision to not dwell on the current valley experience, but rather to have their eyes firmly fixed on the next mountain peak that stands waiting patiently and expectantly on life’s horizon – beckoning the visionary to scale its heights.

Vision is the compass that guides in the light and encourages in the dark. For without a vision lives are swallowed up by the shadow of the valley of death. They fail to pass through to the other side and are the skeletons that lay each side of life’s road.

Vision inspires faith and dispels fear. It comforts the uncomfortable, feeds the hungry, fills the thirsty and sustains the weary until the vision is not only lived in the mind, but in fact lived.

And when vision’s destination is arrived at there is a sense that the visionary has already lived there years before – for it is a common place – a place that has become their friend, their companion along the way – full of virtue and full of vigor.

For therein lies the reward of a visionary – a sense of destiny fulfilled.

“Visionary people and companies do not see there is a choice between living according to their values or being pragmatic; they see it as a challenge to find pragmatic solutions that are consistent with their core values and vision.” Jim Colins

T-Thougts article By Peter Sinclair (Associate guest writer .)


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