Learning To Spot The 7 Traps That Block Your Creative Thinking

Learning To Spot The 7 Traps That Block Your Creative Thinking

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Script from the exciting new podcast series: Wisdom Destinations

By Gaia and Andrew Grant

Amy woke up with a frightening realization. It had been such a busy night the evening before that she had forgotten to charge her phone. She knew she wouldn’t have time to do it before she left the house, and she was dismayed. Amy usually got her first batch of work emails done before she walked out the door. Yet it soon became clear to her that this change of routine would give her a window of opportunity to do things she didn’t usually do as she suddenly had more time on her hands.

Amy was a competent professional who had been born into what has been labelled as ‘the creative class’. She was highly mobile, well educated, and digitally savvy. She had progressed through the ranks very quickly, and she had all the resources at her fingertips to thrive in a hyper-connected working world. Yet somehow despite the promises of digital communities and her ability to stay virtually connected with people all around the world, with this new time to reflect she noticed she had recently actually been feeling disconnected and disillusioned.

Taking the time to trace back over the sequence of events that may have led her to this point helped Amy to reflect. Amy had been employed for her ability to be innovative, and this required considerable creative thinking as a skill and a mindset, but now when she need it most she was struggling to know how to draw from that potential…

Andrew Grant and Gaia GrantBio
Gaia Grant and Andrew Grant are the authors of The Innovation Race: How to change a culture to change the game (Wiley August 2016) along with a number of other international bestselling books and resources. As the Directors of Tirian International Consultancy they help to create innovation cultures for a range of international organisations (from Fortune 500 companies through to NFPs). The Grants are top-ranking keynote speakers, and Gaia is an HD researcher and lecturer at Sydney University Business School. For more information see https://the-innovation-race.com.

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