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About Inner hearing

Was Mozart’s ability to compose boosted because he could play the piano? The insider’s answer is no. The piano simply turned his inspirations into something others could hear. This link gave young Wolfgang Amadeus access to the opinions of others, to shape and guide his inspirations. The tune in his mind found its way into others’ minds via the translating power of the piano. But he didn’t have to use it to compose, because his mind has a separate way of hearing. I know, because I composed for many years without ever having to sit at the piano. You know, because you recall how Beethoven composed just as well after becoming completely deaf.

Breathe deeper, see better

Naturally creative people cross easily to Alpha brain pattern or ‘daydreamer’ thinking. It’s the source of their many ideas. Yet everyone spends time in Alpha brain pattern while asleep, and dreams are more creative than real life as a result. Now practice it while you are awake! Relax, breathe deeper and slower and create a picture of a peaceful scene in your mind. Place a mental picture of your project or challenge into that scene and explore it with visual thought. It’s far more creative than the rational kind. And you can easily check your new ideas with a level head later.

Blur the hard edges

Where does reality end and fantasy begin? The answer is, every time you need your thinking to be fresh and original. Half closing your eyes takes the precision out of what you are examining. It lets you see the shapes between objects or, more poetically, hear the notes between the notes. Consciously break down the hard edges of the predetermined categories, forms and functions of your subject matter. There are ideas lurking in the shadow lands once you practise looking past the obvious!

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