The Conflict Code

By Andrew Grant and Gaia Grant

Beyond Zero – Positive Negotiation Skills

Conflict occurs when one individual or group perceives that another individual or group has caused or will cause harm. The types of conflict vary, for example, conflict can include individuals or groups in an athletic contest or nations in a war.

Conflict can be caused by a variety of factors. One of the most common causes is competition for limited resources. Poor communication can be a factor in marital conflict, group unrest, employee discontent, international hostilities and ineffective communication is the greatest contributor to conflict in work situations.

Conflict: What an Opportunity!

What is it that causes some people to be in constant conflict while others seem to be able to avoid it successfully? What special skills does it take to not just resolve conflict, but use it as an opportunity to grow and a chance to develop confidence in approaching difficult situations? This workshop is an introduction to understanding the process of conflict using a win/win approach and appreciating the principles that lie behind successful conflict resolution.

Competition and Co-operation

When considering our roles and relationships, it may be helpful to take a step back from the standard modern approach of ‘competition at all costs’. There are creative, mutually beneficial, ways of solving problems and succeeding in all areas. The ‘Conflict Code’ takes a good look at cooperative problem solving, negotiation and mediation, considering how our mindset affects our attitudes and shapes our experiences.

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