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The COVID-19 pandemic can best be described as a ‘wicked problem’. This devastating challenge has left many organisations in a state of turmoil as they seek to find ways to rapidly reorganise and stay functional.

COVID-19 is especially challenging as we have no clear model for how to deal with it. It is both complex and chaotic, unpredictable and unprecedented. Yet somehow organisations will have to learn to how to manage the associated challenges in order to survive.

Why Do Team Building When you can just take your team out for lunch?! Why team building can backfire, and how to ensure it is a worthwhile investment - using intelligent team building and not just childish activities Written by Andrew Grant and Gaia Grant of Tirian More than a trip to space,[...]

More than a trip to space, Tirian's “The Sky is Not the Limit” uses research from NASA & game theory to show the value of real collaboration across mutually dependant players. As appeared in Mix Magazine, an Asia's creative media on meetings & events for corporations, an in[...]