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There may be more benefits than you realise... Now we can justify travel to other cultures and using another language as an opportunity for cerebral development! We have a saying that travel broadens the mind, but what you may not have realised that it also makes the mind more creative. Simp[...]

By Andrew Grant Do 'Self Help" & "Management" books really work? When Covey’s breakthrough book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People first hit the bookshelves I was in my mid-twenties. I was sceptical of the ‘self-help’ book genre, especially the apparently superficial promise that[...]

Nervous? Only practice makes perfect.

Although a good presenter can make it look easy, there’s much more than meets the eye when it comes to presenting successfully – and the bottom line, whether you like it or not, is going to be practice and experience.

Middle East Leadership Conference for 2000 people: Daunting or Daring? I have just returned from delivering a keynote talk in the Middle East to up to 2000 people alongside Stephen Covey (The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People), Bob Nelson (1001 Ways to Motivate People) and Jonas Ridderstrale (Funky Business) as the benchmark co-presenters, who have collectively sold tens of millions of books worldwide. Before I left for the trip, many people asked me if I was nervous. I wasn’t feeling anxious ahead of time, but then I started to wonder if perhaps I should be worried. I was the only unknown speaker thrown in with the 3 biggest names in the industry worldwide. There was a lot at stake.

By Andrew Grant Last week I was 'scalped'- literally. While surfing at my favorite location in Bali I was ambushed by a 2 meter wave from behind which threw me onto a treacherous coral reef in front. With a split second lapse in concentration, my adversaries overwhelmed me and I collided with [...]

By Peter Sinclair (Associate guest writer www.motivationalmemo.com) A relection on the power of a vision for the individual In order for someone to live at the speed of life, there is a demand for vision to be an integral part that life. At times this vision often appears as a [...]

Burnout must cost companies millions of dollars each year – but the real emotional cost on people and relationships must be hard to measure...

By John Harvey When setting goals, embarking on a mission, dreaming a “new dream”, or just trying for improvement, it’s your mind that can be your biggest asset or your worst enemy. We set numerous goals everyday – and reach them – without even thinking about[...]

By Andrew Grant The Rhetoric Of War In response to the tragic terrorist attacks (Sept 11 2001) in the world, there has been a lot of talk about war. Many people feel rightly upset and angry about what has happened, and many want to see justice metered out. Enemies are bei[...]

By Gaia Grant If there were 25 hours in the day rather than 24, what would you do with the extra hour? How often have you heard the lament: “If only there were more hours in the day…”? It’s a common cry of despair from both the harried hou[...]

By Andrew Grant TIME TO REFLECT Looking back in many ways, the first few years of this millennium could be described as the perfect storm. After a build up of international tension over the last few years, SARS, war and a string of terrorist bomb[...]

By Andrew Grant Andrew and Gaia Grant, directors of Tirian International, were interviewed recently by journalist Eric Ellis for the Bulletin Magazine on international relations. As an Australian business couple living in Indonesia, Eric was interested to hear their perspective on the Shappelle[...]

For many of us, work has become a place where things aren't very funny. Often the first thing to go when the pressure is on is the very thing that helps us last the distance: humor! What is it about humor that makes life easier to liv[...]

The important role of business ethics in the workplace. Through the last decade it was considered standard practice to embody the notion of greed and avoid talking about ethics and trust, the latest series of business scandals has forced many people to re-look at the importance of business ethics and core values. Should we be surprised at the scale and audacity of the current corporate scandals?

Why do people say “travel broadens the mind”? Because travel forces you to think and behave creatively, and respond to situations you could not have anticipated. As a traveler, you literally have to see the world from a different perspective, which means saying goodbye to your comfort zone. However it is our ability to learn from experiences and embrace change, rather than react to it, that broadens our outlook. Ultimately, our appreciation and understanding of ourselves and our place in the world strengthens when we travel....

By Gaia Grant There is a new approach to the old balanced lifestyle conundrum. Rather than focusing on managing time, this approach claims that it is more effective to manage energy. By managing energy effectively, it is now stressed, there can be a greater focus on achieving goals successfully t[...]

When it comes to life, less is more By Peter Martin - Economics correspondent for SBS Television Aust Driving to work this past week, I've had an insight into the key to happiness. We have moved house, and it now takes twice as long as it did to get to work each morning. No big deal, do I hear[...]

Motivating teams through balancing competition and cooperation. Although technological networks are already being recognised as a powerful force, as yet the importance of human team networks has not been fully appreciated...