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By Katie Yang Strategy and Innovation  The COVID pandemic has challenged many businesses. However, challenges can also lead to new opportunities. For the past eight months, the pandemic has accelerated several market trends and incubated innovations in a number of different industries. Yo[...]

How to use the power of a strong vision mission and values to drive a brand Organisations often strive to differentiate themselves, attract and motivate talent, and engage customers. Yet this is becoming increasingly challenging in a digital world with less control over how the company will b[...]

For many companies creating a culture is about designing a nice environment. That’s why so many companies are now building bright trendy spaces.

Identifying and building a strong culture has allowed them to increase efficiency, improve morale, and decrease turnover, and all this has ultimately led to greater profitability

Part 7: Embrace optimism By Gaia Grant Successful innovators are highly optimistic. They can embrace failure rather than seeing it as a setback. They can use trial and error to persevere through to implementation. blockquote.list { margin-left: 80px; padding: 20px 20px 20px 20px; b[...]

Part 6: Experiment and Explore Different Paths By Gaia Grant Creative ideas without applications are just ideas.  It is not enough to simply brainstorm and generate novel concepts. If there is no application and follow through there can be no innovation implementation. To apply creative t[...]

Part 4: Access All Parts of the Brain By Gaia Grant Are you using your brain to its full potential? Our brains are not simple ‘input’ / ‘output’ machines. They actually have a myriad of different possible neural connections and cognitive functions, and the most cre[...]

Part 3: Unleash your Imagination By Gaia Grant The on-the-spot hackathon: When your boss asks for “creative ideas…” How often have you needed to come up with great ideas fast? It can be challenging to come up with creative ideas under pressure, yet this is exactly wha[...]

Part 2: Accept Ambiguity By Gaia Grant The most straightforward solutions are not always the best. In fact, truly innovative solutions can at first seem the most unlikely, and can be the most challenging to achieve. We introduced in the first article in this series that it is important to start[...]

Part 1: Asking The Right Questions By Gaia Grant “The important and difficult job is never to find the right answers, it is to find the right question.” Peter Drucker Effective Design Thinking must start with enquiry. It involves asking the right questions, and involves using a cr[...]

An overview of some key established and emerging innovation concepts for leaders By Gaia Grant Part two of this innovation guide will outline a few key terms and concepts regarding innovation methodologies, processes and focus, which can be helpful to understand when navigating innovatio[...]

An overview of some key established and emerging innovation concepts for leaders By Gaia Grant Listed here in Part 1 of this innovation guide are a few key terms and concepts surrounding innovation mindsets and culture that can be helpful to know when navigating innovation. Innovation m[...]

Developing greater agility for sustainability in a rapidly changing world By Gaia Grant Gaia Grant has just completed a White Paper on the importance of embracing the new concept of organisations and their leaders being “ambidextrous”. With the iCLi Innovation Change Leader assessment de[...]

By Gaia and Andrew Grant Originally published on Hargraves Institute website Is it more important to focus on sustaining and maintaining current operations, or to focus on survival in the future? This can be a critical question for organisations recognising the need to remain both enduring[...]

The power of human-centric innovation through embracing unusual perspectives Although different cultural perspectives are often seen as fuel for disagreement and dissent, they can in fact generate a positive creative dynamic. This second article on empathy reveals how embracing apparently opp[...]

What does empathy have to do with innovation? By Gaia Grant and Andrew Grant Originally published in a similar format as an article online by Human Resources Media with the title ‘What does empathy have to do with innovation?’. The surprising human-cented connection that counts Who w[...]

The art of innovation in the workplace By Gaia Grant and Andrew Grant Originally published in a similar format as an article online by Human Resources Media with the title 'The art of innovation in the workplace'. How taking an artist's perspective can change the way you innovate Artists h[...]

By Gaia Grant To develop the creative innocence that leads to increased creativity you need to try the following... 1. Have a questioning mind A questioning mind arouses CURIOSITY, and curiosity can foster the desire to make new discoveries. When Rembrandt’s famous painting—The Nightwatch[...]